Friday, June 01, 2012

Meet the family for June 1, 2012


Edward Hawkins
is 236 years old today, born in 1776. There are 5 Edward Hawkins in the family tree.  This one is Caitlyn's 5th great-granduncle, the brother of 5th great-grandfather, William Hawkins.


Sidney Merit Mayne
died 44 years ago today in 1968 at age 64 in Cherokee, AL.  He is buried at Sand Rock Cemetery.  Sidney is the kids' 2nd great-granduncle, the brother of Donie Mae Mayne, the kids' 2nd great-grandmother.  Donie married Oscar Thomas Brown in 1936 and begot Ella Ween Brown in 1937.  Ella Ween is Ella Marie's Great-grandmother.

Jasper Lee Crow and Deborah Emmaline Sanders' 124th anniversary is today, married in 1888 in Scottsboro Alabama when he was 20 and she was 19 years old.  Jasper is the kids' 1st cousin 5 times removed.  His father, Isaac Allen Crow, Jr. is the brother of 4th great-grandfather, John Christopher Crow.

Catherine Malinda Cox
is 163 years old today, born in 1849.  Catherine is the wife of the aformentioned Isaac Allen Crow, Jr.


Emily Nicey Barnett
died 162 years ago today in 1850 at the age of 27 in Madison Georgia.  Emily is the kids' 5th great-grandaunt, the sister of Abel M. Barnett their 5th great-grandfather.  Abel married Rachel and they begot 7 children with David A. Barnett being the oldest.  David married Jane C. and they begot 7 more children with Lucy E. Barnett being the oldest.  Lucy married Dedrick Henry Meyer in 1875 and they begot 6 children before he died as a result of helping fight a fire.  Dedrich Homer Myer was the last born.

David Andrew Jackson Barnett
died 132 years ago today in 1880 at the age of 64 in Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Georgia.  David is the 9th child born of the 15 that David Barnett Sr and Sarah Phillips begot.  David's brother Abel M. Barnett was the 8th born and is the kids' 5th great-grandfather. While the aforementioned Emily Nicey was the 11th born.


Leila Bigham
died 97 years ago today in 1915 at age 31.  Leila is the wife of Ella and Mason's 2nd great-granduncle John Jovas Chambers.  John's brother is Noah Benjamin Chambers who married Dellia Keever and begot Nellie Chambers, Ella and Mason's Great-grandmother.


Oceanus Hopkins
died 385 years ago today.  Some say it was 1623 at the age of 3. Some say it was 1627 at age 6 and one says it was in the first winter at age 1.  Oceanus was the only child born on the trip from England to Plymouth on the Mayflower, even though 3 women were pregnant.   He was born on September 16, 1620 to Stephen Hopkins second wife Elizabeth Fisher.  Oceanus is the boys' 11th great-granduncle.  His sister Constance Hopkins, the boys 11th great grandmother, went on to married Nicholas Snow May 22 1627 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  They begot 7 children, the first of which is the boys' 10th great-grandmother, Sarah Snow, born in 1632.  Sarah married William Walker January 25, 1655 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts and begot Jabez Walker in 1668.  Jabez is the boys' 9th great-grandfather.  Jabez married Elizabeth Fuller and begot Jeremiah Walker in 1702.  Jeremiah married Ester Tomlin October 13, 1724 in Needham, Middlesex, Massachusetts and begot Benjamin Walker in 1726.  Ben married Sylvia Keith in 1756 and begot Marshall Walker in 1757.  Marshall married Hannah Dunbar August 17, 1776 and begot Cady R. Walker in 1795, the boys' 6th great-grandfather.  Cady of course married Electa Sparks in 1813 and begot Almira Walker in 1814.  Almira married Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1834 and the rest is Cottons, Woodens, Bridgforths and Days.

Richard Walker
is 317 years old today, born in 1695. He died in 1742 in Plainfield, Windham, Connecticut at age 47.  Richard is the boys' 8th great-granduncle and brother of Jeremiah Walker, born in 1702 and later married to Esther Tomlin the parents of Benjamin Walker, the boys' 7th great-grandfather.

Ralph Shirley and Joan Sheffield's
498th anniversary is today, married in 1514 when he was 56 and she was 40 years old in Staunton Harold, Leicestershire, England.  Ralph and Joan are the boys' 14th great-grandparents.


Nancy McNaught
is 226 years old today, born in 1786.  Nancy is the boys' 1st cousin 5 times removed, the daughter of George McNaught and Martha Jane Wooden, the boys 4th great-grandaunt.  Martha is the sister of Robert Miller Wooden the boys' 4th great-grandfather.  There are 3 boys and Martha in the family born to Robert Wooden, Sr. from Kentucky and Jane Barnhill.  Robert Miller Wooden married Malinda Mahala Wilhoite on February 18, 1819 in Jefferson Kentucky.  They are the parents of 10 Wooden children, with Andrew Jackson Wooden, the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, being born last.


James Ovid Stanford
is 109 years old today, born in 1903.  James is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  His father is James Isaac Stanford, the boys' 2nd great -granduncle. James' father is David Stanford, the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, via his 1st wife Amanda Jane Kenley.  Because Amanda Jane is the sister of Nancy Ann Kenley, David's 2nd wife, there is also another cousin thing going on here somewhere.

Effa June Stanford
is 132 years old today born in 1880.  Unfortunately, Effa June and her twin sister Etta May both died within days of their births.  They are the boys' 2nd great-grandaunts.  They were born to David Stanford and his second wife Nancy Ann Kenley.  They are the sisters of the boys' 2nd great-grandmother, Margaret Jennie Stanford who married Joseph R. Wooden.


Rebecca Bays
died 132 years ago today in 1880 at the age of 62.  Rebecca is Steve's 4th great-grandmother who married Dryden Sims and begot Thomas Nuton Sims in 1860.  Thomas married Matilda Ann Boudinier in 1878 and when he died in 1896 she married Charles E. Blessin.  Thomas and Matilda begot Margret Izora Sims, Steve's 2nd great-grandfather.  The following is Thomas' Obituary:

Death of Mr. Sims.

Died- March 3 at his home two miles west of Roscoe, Thomas N. Sims.  The deceased was born in West Virginia April 11, 1860 and in 1870 removed with his parents to St. Clair County.  he was married to Matilda A. Bondinier march 15, 1878 and to this union were born ten children six of whom with his wife and one sister survive to mourn their loss.  He joined Friendship baptist Church in the fall 1894 and was elected deacon of said church.  He had been in foor health for two years, but none knew he was so near death.  he arose monday morning and helped his son hitch up the team to go to work.  he then returned to the house and on tuesday at 12 o'clock he died.  His funeral will be preached the 4th sunday in march by Elder Bybe at mottey school house.  May God Comfort the stricken family and bind up their weeping hearts is the prayer of the writer. -


Cynthia Fay Reeves
is 50 years old today, born in 1962.  Cynthia is Steve's 1st cousin once removed.  She married James Alfred Gilbert, Jr. and they have two children, Leslie Ann Gilbert 1985 and James Alfred Gilbert III 1986.  Cynthia's parents are Martha Ann Chandley and Steves' Granduncle Donald Boyd Reeves.