Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Meet the family for May 9, 2012


Henry Bartholomew
is 166 years old today, born in 1846 in New York.  Henry is the boys' 2nd cousin 5 times removed.  His mother is Deborah A. VanCise who married Christian Batholomew.  Deborah's mother is Polly Cotton, the boys' 5th great-grandaunt and sister of  Ira Cotton who married Sally Gold and are the boys' 5th great-grandparents

Nicholas Snow and Elizabeth Rowlles's 413th
anniversary is today, married in 1599 when Nic was 21 and Betty was 19 years old in Stephany, London, England. Nic and Betty are the boys' 12th great-grandparents.  They begot Nicholas Snow Jr. in 1599 who later married Constance Hopkins who rode to the new world on the Mayflower with her family.  Nicholas and Constance had 10 children so a lot of people can say they had relatives on the Mayflower.

Capt. Mark Snow
is 384 years old today, born in 1628.  The Captain is the boys' 10th great- granduncle, the brother of Sarah Snow who married William Walker January 25, 1655 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts and are the boys' 10th great-grandparents.  Sarah is the daughter of Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins, the later who rode to the new world on the Mayflower with her family.

Della May Foster
is 140 years old today, born in 1872.  May is the wife of 2nd great-granduncle, George Ira Cotton.  George is the brother of Samuel Hazelitt Cotton, the boys' 2nd great-grandfather who married Lottie B. Ray in Appleton City  MO December, 13, 1887.


Abraham Wooden
died 102 years ago today in 1910 at the age of 75 in Ellis Texas.  Abe is the boys' 1st cousin 6 times removed, the son of John Wooden and Lucy Souther.  John is the brother of Robert Wooden, the boys' 5th great-grandfather.

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