Friday, April 06, 2012

Meet the family for April 6, 2012


Georgia Elizabeth McCutcheon
is 119 years old today, born in 1893. Yesterday was Steve's 2nd great grand-aunt's, Willie Frances McCutcheon's birthday, born in 1882.  Well today, oddly enough, is her younger sister's birthday, 11 years later.  That family had 9 children.  Hettie Cora 1875, Pearl 1877, Virginia 1879, Willie Frances 1882, John Cleveland 1885, Lula Mae 1887, Joe Wheeler 1890, Georgia Elizabeth 1893 and Marvin E. McCutcheon 1898.  Lula Mae is Steve's 2nd great-grandmother who married Samuel Omar Garrison and begot Sarah Eloise Garrison in 1909.  Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. and the march of the Johns began.


John Thomas Stewart
died 150 years ago today in 1862 at age 41 in a Civil War battle in Corinth Mississippi. John is Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandfather, born May 4, 1820 in Morgan County, GA.  John married Emily Caroline Bale and begot Frances Matilda Stewart in 1845.  Frances is the Stewart side of Team Frances.  She married Frances Marion Savage Oct 4th 1860 in Calhoun, AL and begot 17 children in 25 years.  Their oldest, Sallie E. Savage, is Tara and Calum's 2nd great-grandmother, who married Moses Service Naugher in 1883.

Joseph Alexander Savage
died 150 years ago today in 1862 at the battle of Shiloh in Tennessee.  He was 21 years old.  Weird how two relatives died in the Civil War on the same day in different States.  Joseph is Tara and Calum's 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Frances Marion Savage.



Lyndell Evie Gaddy is 104 years ago today, born in 1908.  Lyndell Evie Gaddy is the wife of the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed, Thomas Martin Galt, born Dec 4, 1903 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  He died at age 97, 56 years after his wife, in Muleshoe Texas January 17, 2001.  Thomas' father is Thomas Resin Galt, the boys' 1st cousin 4 times removed. His mother is the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt, Mary Ann Brown, the wife of James Junius Galt and the sister of Charlotte Brown, the boys' 3rd great-grandmother.  Charlotte married Thomas B. Ray and begot Lottie B. Ray.

Nathan Gold
is 322 years old today, born in 1690. Nathan is the boys' 8th great-granduncle, born in Fairfield CT, to Nathan Gold Jr. and Hannah Talcott.  Samuel Gold, Nathan's bother, born in 1692 is the boys' 8th great-grandfather who married Esther Bradley in 1716 and begot Abel Gold in 1727.  Able married Ellen Burr and begot Talcott Gold in 1759.

Robert Earnest
is 202 years old today, born in 1810.  Robert is the boys' 4th great-granduncle and the brother of Rachel Earnest, the boys' 4th great-grandmother who married Resin D. Brown and begot the afore mentioned, Charlotte Brown.

William Ward
died 267 years ago today in 1745 at age 79. William is the boys' 9th great-granduncle born in Middletown, CT to William Ward Sr. and Phoebe Fenner in 1665.  His sister, Phoebe Ward, born just 2 years earlier is the boys' 9th great-grandmother.  Phoebe married Samuel Hall and they begot the amazing, Experience Hall in 1684.  Experience is the boys' 8th great-grandmother and the second wife of Samuel Cotton.


William Enoch Coats
died 44 years ago today in 1968 at age 81.  Look at the line of names when the blood is passed from female to female!  William is Ella and Mason's 2nd cousin 5 times removed, born Dec 17, 1886 in Haralson, GA.  William's mother is Ella and Mason's 1st cousin 6 times removed, Mary Jane Farmer, also born in GA but in 1855.  Mary Jane's father is Ella and Mason's 5th great-granduncle, Reubin Farmer, born in SC in 1829, but Reubin's sister, Malinda Farmer is Ella and Mason's 5th great-grandmother.  Malinda married Lewis Kelly in 1840 and begot Lucy Ann Kelly in 1856.  Lucy is Ella and Mason's 4th great-grandmother.  She married Wilkes C. McMurrey in 1870 and begot their 3rd of 11 children, Ida Jane McMurray in 1881.  Ida Jane is Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandmother who married William Mitchell Mayne Dec 31, 1899 in Cherokee, AL and begot Donie Mae Mayne in 1909.  Donie Mae married Oscar T. Brown and begot Ella's names sake and great-grandmother, Ella Ween Brown, in 1937 on Sand Mountain, AL.  I think you know the rest.

Lou Della McMurrey
is 127 years old today, born in 1885.  Ok, now this is a little weird.  Lou, the kids' 3rd great-grandaunt, sister of Ida Jane McMurrey, was born on this day.  Now check out the next two participants.

Charles W. Parker
died 51 years ago today in 1961 at the age of 80 in Cherokee, AL. Charles is Lou Della's husband.  He died on her birthday.

Ott Bradford Hood and Thelma Lucille Parker's
77th anniversary is today, married in 1935 when he was 21 years old.  Thelma is Lou Della and Charles' first born.  She chose to be married on this day.  Thelma is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed.


William T. Meyer is 135 years old today, born in 1877.  William is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  He is the off spring of 3rd great-granduncle, John Hammond Meyer, the brother of 3rd great-grandfather, Dedrich Henry Meyer.

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