Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Meet the family for April 17, 2012


Abigail Gold
died 263 years ago today at age 62 in Ridgefield, CT. in 1749.  Abby is the boys' 8th great-grandaunt.  She was born in Fairfield, CT to Nathan Gold and Hannah Talcott, the boys' 9th great-grandparents.  Abby's brother is Samuel Gold, 5 years her younger, Samuel married Esther Bradley and begot Abel Gold in 1727.  Abel married Ellen Burr and are the parents of Talcott Gold.

Phoebe Ward
is 349 years old today, born in 1663 in Middletown, Connecticut.  She lived to be 78 years old, dieing on May 14, 1741 in Middletown. Phoebe or Phebe as I've seen it spelled, is the boys' 9th great-grandmother.  She married Samuel Hall in 1683 and raised 5 children, one other died at 1 month old.  Her oldest daughter is Experience Hall, the boys' 8th great-grandmother.

Helen Mar Cotton
died 28 years ago today in 1984.  Helen is the sister of the boys' great-grandmother Marie Antoinette Cotton, who married Walter William Wooden, Sr.


Audrey Christine Hulgan
died 25 years ago today at age 57 in Chattanooga Tennessee in 1987.  Audrey is Ella's 1/2 Great-grandaunt born to Ella's 2nd great-grandfather, Thomas Franklin Hulgan and his second wife Bonnie Dobbs.  Thomas' first wife Della D. Berryhill died in 1919 after birthing 6 children to Thomas.  The 2nd one was Ella's great-grandfather Cecil Robert Hulgan, born August 14, 1905 in Alabama.  Cecil married Nellie Chambers and begot 9 Hulgans.


Isaac Austin Stanford
is 200 years old today, born in 1812 in Armstrong, Pennsylvania.  He later died on November 12, 1900 in Douglas Illinois.  Isaac is the boys' 4th great-grandfather and the father of David Stanford who married Nancy Ann Kenley and begot Margaret Jennie Stanford in 1865.  Jennie married Joseph R. Wooden and begot Walter William Wooden and Leroy Oliver Wooden.


Eva Tanner is
111 years old today, born in 1901.  Eva is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed, whose mother is Frances Naoma Centennial "Tennie" Starling, the sister of 3rd great-grandmother, Alice Cora Starling.  Alice married Joseph Lewis Edge and begot Cora Augusta Edge in 1902.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer January 19, 1920.

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