Thursday, March 01, 2012

Meet the family for March 1, 2012


Elizabeth Sims died 181 years ago today.  She was 52 years old and had been born April 26, 1778 in Spartanburg, South Carolina. She died in Sangamon county, IL in 1831.  Elizabeth is the boys' 5th great-grandmother.  You can tell by the heading that there are a lot of women on this side of the tree.  This Sims line is, seemingly, not related to the the one on the Steible/Everhart side of the family.  Elizabeth Sims married Jacob A. Earnest in Spartanburg in 1803.  They begot 9 children and Elizabeth died in 1831.  Jacob remarried to Rebecca Blunt in 1832 and had two more children, interestingly, one was named for the first wife Elizabeth.  The first wife's seventh child, Rachel married Resin D. Brown and begot 12 children of their own.  Charlotte Brown was the 4th child.  Charlotte of course married Thomas B. Ray in 1865 and begot Lotti B. Ray on Christmas day.  Charlotte died on January 5th but Lotti B. Ray grew up to marry Samuel Hazelitt Cotton from Friendship, NY on Dec 13th, 1887 in Appleton City, MO.  They begot 3 children, Hubbard, Marie and Helen.  None of these children really got along.  They fought over the family money until they died.  Hubbard was somewhat of a playboy who dated starlets and squandered the family lumber fortune.  Helen was a society climber always showing off what she had.  Marie married Walter William Wooden who had left his family farm as fast as he could and headed to the city, never to look back.  Marie and Walter had the 3 children, Charlotte, Walter Jr. and Jerry.  The rest you probably know.

John D. Brown
is 170 years old today, born in 1842. John lived to be 77 and died January 3, 1920 in Montrose MO. John is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle, and yes, again we have a relationship to the one above.  This happens so often.  John is Charlotte Brown's younger bother.

Caroline Louise Jaegar
is 131 years old today Kind Of, or is she 32 3/4?  She is a leap year baby born on February 29 in 1880.  Caroline is the boys' 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  Her mother is Helen Altana Powers, 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Helen's mother is Lydia Ann Banks, 1st cousin 5 times removed. Lydia's father is David Bradley Banks, the 1/2 brother of 4th great-grandfather, Samuel Cheney Cotton, via their common mother Sally Gold.

David Barlow
is 293 years old today, born in 1719.  David is the boys' 8th great-grandfather.  The son of Samuel Barlow and Elizabeth Rumsey, David married Susanah Hubbard December 27, 1743 in Fairfield, CT.  They begot David Barlow II in 1745 who married Sarah Bradley August 9, 1764 in Greenfield, Fairfield, CT and they begot Anna Barlow around the same time.  Anna is the wife of Talcott Gold.  Anna's linage should be confirmed.  It isn't clear.

Jane Hall
is 359 years old today, born in 1653.  Jane is the boys' 9th great-grandaunt, the sister of Samuel Hall their 9th great-grandfather.  Samuel married Phoebe Ward in Middletown, CT December 6, 1683 and begot Experience Hall in 1684.


Joseph William Cochran and Sally Mae Naugher's
anniversary number 71 is today.  They were married in 1941. Sally is Tara and Calum's Grandaunt and the daughter of Horace Savage Naugher and Maxie Ruth Smith.  Joseph and Sally had two children, Joan Cochran and Joseph Michael Cochran (1942-1942)  Sally was born November 29th, 1918 and died at age 76 on Oct 10th 1995 at Cherokee Baptist Medical Center in Centre, AL.  She is buried in Sand Valley Cemetery.


Martha Baxter
died 128 years ago today at age 72 in Fort Payne AL 1884. Martha is Ella and Mason's 5th great-grandmother born in Rutherford, Tennessee on July 8th, 1811.  She married John Copeland Feb 17, 1835 in St. Clair county, AL.  They begot 8 children, the first of which was Tillman R. Copeland Ella and Mason's 4th great-grandfather.  Tillman married Taletha Jane Whitlock in 1853 and begot Ruth J. Copeland in 1857.  Ruth married John Miller Hulgan in 1871 and begot Thomas Franklin Hulgan in 1876.  Thomas married Della D. Berryhill and begot Cecil Robert Hulgan in 1905.

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