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Meet the family for February 21, 2012


Experience Hall
is 328 years old today, born in 1684.  The beautiful, Experience Hall died at age 78 in Middletown, Connecticut April 22, 1762, not yet an American Citizen.  Experience is the boy's 8th great-grandmother.  Interestingly enough, she and her husband, Samuel Cotton were born on the same day only 7 years apart.  Experience is the oldest of 6 Hall children, Experience Hall (1683-1762), Phebe or Pheobe Hall (1686-1729), Susannah Hall (1689-?), Mary Hall (1694-?), Samuel Hall (1696-1764) and William Hall (1698-1698) lived 1 month.  I picture Experience as a tall blondish lovely girl in a long dress with big petticoats.  A puritan of course but a little mischievous.  Smart and in total control, but very nice and loved by everyone.  Wow, I think I just described my wife Darlene.

Samuel Cotton
is 336 years old today, born in 1676 in Concord, Middlesex, Massachusetts.  Samuel died at age 84 on March 9, 1760 in Middletown, Connecticut. Sam is the husband of Experience Hall and the boy's 8th great-grandfather.  Sam was married first to Lydia Bates on July 22, 1695 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA. He was 19 and she was an older woman of 22.  Lydia begot 7 children to Sam before she died in child birth on September 9, 1713 in Middletown, CT.  Her children are Mary Cotton, Lydia Cotton, Elizabeth Cotton, Hannah Cotton, Samuel Cotton Jr., Prudence Cotton and Ebenezer Cotton.  Lucky for us Samuel decided to remarry 3 years later to Experience on February 28, 1716 in Middletown.  By this time Sam was 40 and needed a younger woman, 33.  I don't show records of Experience having been married before and to start her first marriage at 33 years old was probably a relief for her mother.  Experience did her wifely duty and begot 4 children to Sam.  John Cotton (1719-?), at age 36, William Cotton (1720-?) our grandfather, at age 37, Daniel Cotton (1723-1731) at age 40 and Phebe Cotton (1724-1725) at age 41.  Samuel died in 1760 and Experience lived another 2 years to age 78.  1741 must have been very hard for them.  Experience lost her mother Phoebe Ward, who died May 14th and Samuel Jr. died April 27th.  But on the bright side, they still had 2 of Experience's 4 children and possibly up to 5 of Lydia's children to comfort them.  William left home the next year and married Rebeckah Ward September 22, 1742 in Middletown.  They had 7 children the last of which was Great-grandfather Thomas Cotton.  But since this is such a big day I'll have mercy and stop there.

I know, this is unbelievable, but there are other peoples' research that supports this line.  There, of course, is no real way to prove this, but none the less here is the story.  Hegwig of Normandy died 978 years ago today in the year 1034.  Negwig was 57, having been born in 977 in Normandy, France.  Hegwig died February 21, 1934 in rennes, Bretagne, , France. Hegwig is the boys' 33rd great grandmother.  Here is the shortest way to give you the line:
Geoffroy I De Bretagne married Hegwig of Normandy they begot
Emme Lupus who married Evon Ivan Dellomontenis who begot
John De Cotentin who married Marie De Normandy in 1068 who begot
William De Cotentin who married Marianne Deue who begot
Simon De Cotentin who married Enid De Maatenloch who begot
William De Contentin who married Isabella De Leon who begot
Edmond De Coten who married Catherina Brett who begot
William De Cotten who married Agnes de Ridware who begot
John De Cotten who married Isabella Fauconer from England who begot
Henry Cotten who married Anne Le Fleming who begot
Thomas De Cotton who married unknow born in 1295 in Suffolk, England who begot
Humphrey De Cotten who married Ann Holbrooke who begot
Thomas De Cotten who married Alice De Hastings who begot
John I De Cotten who married Bridget Grace who begot
Walter Cotten who married Joan Rede who begot
William De Cotten who married Anne Abbot in 1420 in Landwade, Cambridge, England who begot
William De Cotten (Jr) who married Mary De Wessenham who begot
William De Cotten (III) who married unknow who begot
Thomas Cotten who married Eleanor Knightley who begot
Thomas Cotten (Jr.) who married Joan Paris who begot
Thomas Cotten (III) who married Lucy Harvey who begot
Thomas Cotten (IV) who married Elizabeth Shirley who begot
Andrew Cotton who married Joane who begot
At this point I'm almost 100% sure of the line from here on
William Serg Cotton who married Ann Graves who begot
Rev. John Cotton who married Mary Marie Stowe who begot
Samuel Cotton who married Experience Hall who begot
William Cotton who married Rebeckah Ward who begot
Thomas Cotton who married Anna Hubbard who begot
Ira Cotton who married Sally Gold who begot
Samuel Cheney Cotton who married Almira Walker who begot
Hubbard Cotton who married Mary Hazelitt who begot
Samuel Hazelitt Cotton who married Lotti B. Ray who begot
Marie Antoinette Cotton who married Walter William Wooden who begot
Walter William Wooden Jr. and Jerry Joseph Wooden Sr.
Walter married Ruth E. Schuchert and begot
Deborah Ann Wooden who married John Baskervil Bridgforth who begot
Bryan Wooden Bridgforth & Andrew Bagley Bridgforth
Jerry J. Wooden married Betty L. Steible and begot
Steven Ray Wooden Sr. who married Mittie Reeves who begot
Steven Ray Wooden Jr.


Daniel Johnson
died 104 years ago today.  He was 65 and died in 1908.  Daniel was born November 3, 1842 in Lambs Bottom, IN. Daniel is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle.  His sister is Amanda Johnson who married Andrew J. Wooden November 24, 1858 in Owen, IN.  Andrew and Amanda begot 6 Wooden children without a splinter, but you could say they are a splinter group, or not.  Joseph R. Wooden, Jeremiah Wooden, Elba Wooden, Minnie Hodges Wooden, Lola Wooden and Harvey H. WoodenJoseph Wooden of course is the boys' 2nd great-grandfather and the father of Walter William Wooden Sr.


Matilda Priscilla Goode
died 129 years ago today.  Matilda was 72 having been born in 1810 in Rutherford, Polk, NC.  Matilda died in Gillsville, Hall, GA in 1883. Matilda Priscilla Goode is Ella and Mason's 5th great-grandmother.  Matilda married William H. West August 29th, 1850 in Hall GA.  They begot Sarah Matilda West who married John Henry Chambers December 24, 1871 in Hall GA.  They begot Noah Benjamin Chambers in 1879 and Noah married Dellia Keever in 1908.  They begot Nellie Chambers in 1909 who married Cecil Robert Hulgan and begot Duard Robert Hulgan in 1953.


Richard Hardy Naugher
died 4 years ago today.  Richard was 85 when he died in Leesburg, AL. Richard is Tara and Calum's Granduncle. Richard's parents are Horace Savage Naugher and Maxie Ruth Smith.  Richard's brother is Moses S. Naugher, Tara and Calum's Grandfather.  Moses married Haney Fortenberry March 16th 1946 and begot Brent Stewart Naugher in 1952.

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