Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Meet the family for February 15, 2012


Charles Dabbage Brown
is 136 years old today born in 1876. Charles is the boys' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  Born in Montrose MO to Martin Van Buren Brown and Helen M. Cecil, Charles is the 3rd of the 5 children the Browns had.  Martin Van Buren Brown is the boys 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of the boys 3rd great-grandmother, Charlotte Brown.  Charlotte married Thomas B. Ray and begot Lotti B. Ray in 1865.  Lotti married Samuel Hazelitt Cotton and begot Marie Antoinette Cotton in 1891.  Marie married Walter William Wooden Sr., the boys' Great-grandfather, and begot Walter William Wooden Jr., the Bridgforth boys' Grandfather, and Jerry Joseph Wooden Sr., Steve's Grandfather.

Ira Cotton
died 147 years ago today in 1865. Ira is the boys' 5th great-grandfather.  He was born August 20th, 1788 in Middletown, CT.  He died probably in Friendship NY.  Ira marred Sally Gold May 6, 1811.  She was 28 and he was 22.  She had been married before on January 9th 1802 when she was 19 to Bradley Banks who died at age 30 in Masonville, NY. on June 8, 1808.  Bradley, I found in the Powers-Banks Ancestry Book, drowned in the Sausquehanna as follows:  "Here at Masonville, or near it, young Bradley was drowned in the Sausquehanna 8 June, 1808, leaving a young widow and two infants, David Bradley and Talcott, named for the two grandfathers, or rather for the mother's father and the father's grandfather; for Olive, the mother of Bradley Banks, was the daughter of David Bradley."
Sally married Ira Cotton and they moved to Friendship, NY where descendants of the Cotton family still own the home they built.

Sergeant Nathaniel Stowe
died 308 years ago today in 1704 in Middletown, CT at age 52.  Nathan is the boys' 9th great-granduncle, the brother of Mary Marie Stowe who married the Rev. John Cotton around 1666.


Penelope Pope Yager
is 190 years old today, born in 1822.  Penelope is the wife of the boys' 3rd great-granduncle, Joshua Miller Wooden, the brother of 3rd great-grandfather Andrew Jackson Wooden.

Edgar L. McMurrey
died 27 years ago today in 1985 at age 74.  Edgar is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  His father is Lee Vernon McMurrey the kids' 3rd great-granduncle and brother of the next contestant, Ida Jane McMurrey.  Edgar was the 5th born of the 11 children Lee and Nettie Adaline Reynolds had.  Interesting side bar is that the 9th child born was Hubert Loyd McMurrey, who married Mary Arline Owen and begot 5 more McMurrey children.  The 5th born is Joey Alan McMurrey the kids' 2nd cousin 3 times removed and our friend on Face Book.

Ida Jane McMurrey
died 52 years ago today in 1960. Ida is the kids' 3rd great-grandmother.  Ida married William Mitchell Mayne Dec 31, 1899 in Cherokee, AL.  They begot Donie Mae Mayne in 1909.  Donie married Oscar T. Brown and begot Ella Ween Brown in 1937.  Ella Ween married Dick Myer.

John Blevins Crow
is 139 years old today, born in 1873.  John is the kids' 3rd great-granduncle, brother of Ella Mariah Crow.  John was the first born and Ella the 3rd born of the 11 children born to John Christopher Crow and Mary Jane Cothern Ella Mariah Crow married Oscar Routh Brown and begot Oscar Thomas Brown in 1912, the last of their 5 children.  Oscar T. married Donie Mae Mayne in 1936 and they begot Ella Ween Brown in 1937. 


Joseph Benjamin Suddeth
died 46 years ago today in 1966 at the age of 83.  He is buried in Winterville Cemetery in Winterville, GA. Joseph is the husband of the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed, Maggie Meyer.  Maggie's father is the below mentioned, John Hammond Meyer.

Julia Helen Meyer
is 75 years old today, born in 1937.  Julia is the kids' 3rd cousin twice removed.  Her father is Leo Marcus Meyer whose father is Dedrick Hammond Meyer, 1st cousin 4 times removed, whose father is John Hammond Meyer, the brother of 3rd great-grandfather, Dedrich Henry Meyer.

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