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Meet the family for January 3, 2012


Mittie Marie Reeves
is 56 years old today, born in 1956.   She was born and raised in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.  Mittie has 2 sisters, Alisa Annette Reeves, 1957 and Diedre Diane Reeves, 1959  as well as two brothers, John Wesley Reeves III, 1966 and Jason Thomas Reeves, 1969.  They were born to parents John Wesley Reeves, Jr. and Mary Evelyn Pharris, Steve Jr's grandparents.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY MITTIE !!!!!!

Dottie Joan Reeves
is 75 years old today, born in 1937.  Dottie is Mittie's aunt, the sister of Mittie's father.   Dottie married George Joseph Getz III and they begot Michael Getz in 1956, Mona Getz, Linda Getz and Samuel Getz. That is all I have on Dottie.


Baby Lane
is 112 years old today, born in 1900.  She is the kids' 2nd great-grandaunt.  Born on this day in 1900 in Tuckers Chapel, AL, she died just 13 days later and still unnamed.  She is buried at Tuckers Chapel Cemetery.  Her parents are Dawson B. LaneLucy E.'s second husbandBaby Lane was the 3rd of their 4 children. Lucy is the kids' 3rd great-grandmother and her first husband Dedrick Henry Meyer was her 3rd great-grandfather.  Dedrick and Lucy had 6 children, the last of which was Dedrich Homer Myer born just a few days before his father Dedrick died in 1889.  Dedrick died on April 11, 1889 in Winterville, Clarke county, GA.  Dedrich Homer Myer was born on March 24th 1889 in Madison, Morgan county, GA.   Dedrich later married Cora Augusta Edge on January 19th 1920 and begot 11 children from 1921 to 1943.


Bertha Golda Stanford
died 49 years ago today in 1963 at age 75 in Villa Grove, Douglas, Illinois. Bertha is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  Her father is James Isaac Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-granduncle and 3/4 brother of their 2nd great-grandmother, Margaret Jennie Stanford who married Joseph R. Wooden  October 29, 1884 in IL.

James Ovid Stanford
died 40 years ago today in 1972 at age 68 in Arizona.  James is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed and their 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  James' father is 2nd great-granduncle, James Isaac Stanford, the 3/4 brother of the aforementioned Margaret Jennie Stanford, via common father David Stanford.  I say 3/4 rather than 1/2 because their mothers were sisters, Amanda Jane Kenley and Nancy Ann Kenley, who was Margaret's mother.


Davie Inez Green
died 42 years ago today in 1970 at age 69. Davie is the wife of the kids' 3rd great-granduncle, Grover Cleveland McMurrey, the brother of Ida Jane McMurrey.

Wesley Florence Mayne
died 104 years ago today in 1908 and age 60 in Smith, Texas.  Wesley is the kids' 1st cousin 6 times removed.  His father is Samuel Wilson Mayne the brother of William Homer Mayne the first born of 5 to James Mayne and Elizabeth Pharr, the kids' 6th great-grandparents William Homer Mayne born in 1819 married Martha and they begot 8 children with William Paul Mayne born in 1849 being the 5th born.  William Paul Mayne married Ella Higgins and are the kids' 4th great-grandparents.  They begot William Mitchell Mayne in 1878.  William Mitchell of course married Ida Jane McMurrey December 31, 1899 in Cherokee, Alabama.


John D. Brown
died 92 years ago today in 1920 at age 77 in Montrose, Henry, Missouri. He is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle.  John was the 5th child of 12 that the boys' 4th great-grandparents, Resin D. Brown and Rachel Earnest had.  His sister, who was 2 years older, was Charlotte Brown.  Charlotte married Thomas B. Ray when she was 25 and he just 23 in Sangamon, IL. in 1865.  Early in the next year, Jan 5th she died 10 days after giving birth to her only child, Lotti B. Ray on Christmas day in 1865.

Joseph Snow
died 290 years ago today in 1722 at age 88 in Estham, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Joseph is the boys' 10th great granduncle, the brother of Sarah Snow.  Sarah and Joseph are the 3rd and 4th children born of the 10 that Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins bore after Constance married Nicholas May 22, 1627 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Constance Hopkins is the daughter of Stephen Hopkins who both were passengers on the Mayflower's voyage of 1620.  Constance is the boys' 11th great-grandmother and Stephen, their 12th great-grandfather.  Back to the family line.  Nick and Constance begot Sarah Snow in 1632 in Plymouth.  She married William Walker who was born to William Walker, Sr and Clark in Plymouth in 1620.  William, Jr. and Sarah Snow were married January 25, 1655 in Estham, Barnstable, Massachusetts and they begot 3 children, the last of which was Jabez Walker in 1668.  Jabez, the boys' 9th great-grandfather, married Elizabeth Fuller in 1699 and begot Jeremiah Walker in 1702.


Katherine Garton
died 264 years ago today in 1748 at age 73 in Orange county, Virginia.  Kathy is Steve's 8th great-grandmother.  She married Thomas Petty and they begot Rebecca Petty around 1701 in Richmond, Virgina.  Rebecca married Thomas Sims November 30, 1725 in Richmond and they begot 10 children with Jeremiah Sims being the 8th born, he in 1738.  Jeremiah married Agatha Nalle in Virginia in 1753 and they begot James Sims.  James was one of the first pioneers of Nicholas County, West Virgina.  The following is from the Charleston Gazette in 1947:
The Charleston Gazette Sunday, Aug. 10, 1947
Guns Made by Pioneer on Gauley River
Mute Testimonials of Settlers Lives

By William H. Maginnis

After Indians were driven away from the Kanawha valley about 1794, gunsmiths and hunters were still in demand in this region because of the abundance of wolves. bears and other wild beasts. Among the. gunsmiths and hunters of the period were James Sims of Gauley river and his son, William. Several guns made by William Sims are still in existence. One is owned by Mrs. Jean S. White of  2021H Quarrier St., and another by Cecil Ray Simms. of 16 Delaware Ave, who is connected with The Gazette's circulation department; on lone by Miss Mamie Sims of Swiss, Who got it' from" her father. Floyd Sims, son of Charles, who was a half-brother of William, the gunsmith.  Still another is owned by the Hughes family on Bell creek near Swiss. William Sims (sometimes spelled Simms). according to family records, learned his trade from his father ,James Sims, who settled at the site of Swiss, Nicholas county, then part of Kanawha county, about 1795. James, after teaching William the gunsmith's trade, evidently turned the business over to his son. because no gun made by James has been preserved.  Wolf Bounties Paid:
James and his son. William, were active hunters after the turn of the century, is proved by the minute book of the Kanawha county court in the office of Circuit Clerk M.H. Hix.
Bounties for Wolf-Scalps
Paying bounties for scalps of wolves of the four-legged variety was routine work for the court at that time, as indicated by frequent lists of men to whom $2.50 was paid for each wolf-scalp they presented.
At the lop of one such list recorded June 8, 1802, are the names of James Sims and William Sims, father and son. James Sims, a court record states, was a native of Culpeper County, Va. Just where he learned his trade is not certain. but it was probably at a neighboring town, either Falmouth. Stafford county or Fredericksburg, which was center of the iron industry in colonial times.
Nathaniel Chapman was interested in iron works in Stafford county in the 1750's. and James Hunter in a plant at Fredericksburg during
the Revolution. A Gun Factory was Established by the general Assembly In Fredericksburg in the 1750's and was supervised by George Washington's brother in law and Colonel Fielding Lewis and Major Charles Dicks.
Wanted Elbow Room
James Sims according to family tradition visited the Kanawha Valley about 1795 but didn't like it because there were too many people here - about 60 families between Kanawha Falls and Point Pleasant. So he went up Gauley river and found bear tracks and turkey tracks and decided that was the place for him. There is a tradition that James Sims swapped a old plug horse and a muzzle loading rifle for 600 acres of land. No court record of the transaction has been found but in the Kanawha county's clerk office is a record of a deed conveying 123 acres on land in Gauley to him from John Jones , also of Culpper county. Jones married Frances daughter of William Morris first Settler of Kanawha county. Her brother Joshua married Frances Sims a cousin of James.
Church on Home Site
The late Eugene Simms (who added an extra "m" to his name) of Washington D.C. had said his father who knew the original James Sims very well, described him as a physical giant, fair of complexion, a great hunter and woodsman and inclined to thrift. He built the best house in Gauly in those days, tow story hewn oak logs and a massive chimney. The Simms Memorial church financed by the family stands on the same ground in Swiss. Mrs. Jean S. White is descended from William Sims the gunsmith through his son William Jr. Grandson of Franklin P and Great Grand-son the late Judge Meredith Simms , Mrs White's father who also added another "M" to his name for whom Simms St Charleston is named. Two granddaughters of James Sims and nieces of William the gunsmith are still living: Mrs., John Samuel- Simms and Mrs. Mary Jane Beirne of St. Albans who say James had 18 children but they do not remember all their names. A chancery case record in Nicholas county courthouse at Summersville gives the names of 16 children. The other two children probably died prior to the case.
Although Indians had passed from the Kanawha scene by 1802 parents did not yet have moving pictures for entertainment. In a family of that like James Sims 18 husky children provided the amusements and prowling bears and howling wolves for excitement.


Sara Johnson
is 185 years old today, born in 1827.  Sara is the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt, the sister of Amanda Johnson who married Andrew J. Wooden and are the boys' 3rd great-grandparents.

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