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Meet the family for January 12, 2012


Elisha Toby Burt
is 169 years old today, born in 1843 in Lebanon, DeKalb, Alabama.  Elisha is the Husband of Ella and Mason's 4th great-grandaunt Tempa Copeland. Tempa was born in Dog Town to John Copeland and Martha Baxter, Ella and Mason's 5th great-grandparents.  Her brother Tillman R. Copeland is Ella's 4th great-grandfather.  Tillman married Talitha Whitlock on Dec 12 1853 in St. Clair county, AL.  They begot Ruth J. Copeland, the first of 4 children and Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandmother.  Ruth married John Miller Hulgan on Nov 15, 1871 in DeKalb county, AL.  They had 6 children, Lillie Jane (1873-1942), Thomas Franklin (1876-1950), Charley H. (1881-1955), Arther Ward (1884- ), Bertha A. (1889- ) and John D. Hulgan (1899-1969).  Those are all Ella's 2nd great-grandaunts and uncles, except for Thomas Franklin Hulgan of course who is Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandfather.  Thomas married Della D. Berryhill and they begot 6 children, Ina I. Hulgan (1903- ), Cecil Robert Hulgan (1905-1967). Ruford E. Hulgan (1907- ),    Lurley G. Hulgan (1909- ), Ruba L. Hulgan (1913- ) and Grady F. Hulgan (1916- ).  Cecil Robert Hulgan is Ella and Mason's Great-grandfather.  He married Nellie Chambers and had 8 children.  Gwen Hulgan, Lucille Hulgan, Raymond Hulgan, Syble L. Hulgan (1928- ), Verom Hulgan (1939-1940), Freda Kay Hulgan (1943-1969), Johnny Wayne Hulgan (1947-1962) and the one and only, Duard Robert Hulgan (1953- ).  Duard married Thereasa Ellen Myer and begot three lovely girls, Kellie Marie (1980), Heather Leigh (1983) and Haley Dabeth (1997).


Jeremiah Sims
died 188 years ago today in 1824 at age 46 in German, Clark, Ohio. Jere is Steve's 4th Great-granduncle, the 1/2 brother of Dryden Sims via there common father James Sims.  James first married Phebe Nalee in Culpeper, VA in 1775 and begot 7 children with Jeremiah Sims being the first born.  Phebe died in 1794 as follows. This includes other stories of the Sims family that are very interesting:
Family tradition is that James' wife was coming home from caring for a sick friend, fell from her horse, and drowned in the Jackson River. We have been able to verify this story with the coroner's inquest report dated 22 January 1794, which includes the following statement: "Phebe was accidently drowned occasioned by the horse whereon she rode Rearing and plunging and throwing her into the water."
 Phebe Simms, Inquisition Taken the 22nd of January 1794 Before John Dean Gent. Coroner Bath County to wit Inquisition indented taken ?
in the County aforesaid on the twenty second day of January in the
year One thousand seven hundred and ninety four before me John Dean a
Gentleman and of the Coroners of the Commonwealth for the County aforesaid
upon view of the body of Phebe Sims late of said County then and there lying
dead; and upon the Oathes of Robert Armstrong Jr., William Morris, John Scott,
John Bird, Andrew Baurland, Thomas Barber, James Armstrong, Robert
McClintic, William McClintic, John Somwalt, Paul Harpole and
Adam Kimberlan, good and lawful men of the County aforesaid, who being
Jurors and charged to inquire on the part of the Commonwealth, when where how
and after what manner the said Phebe Sims came to her death, do say upon their
Oathes, that the said Phebe was accidently drowned occasioned by the horse
whereon she rode Rearing and plunging and throwing her into the water.
The witness whereof as well the aforesaid Coroner as the Jurors aforesaid
have in this Inquisition put their Seals on the day and year aforesaid
and at the place aforesaid.
John Dean Robt. Armstrong, William Morris, John Scott, John Bird, Andr. Baurland, Thomas Barber, Jas. Armstrong, Robert McClintic, William McClintic, Johannes Zumqualt, Paul Harpole, Adam Kimberlan
In February 1995 Connie Metheny of Millboro, Virginia, became involved in a very interesting project of sorting through old original papers that had been stored in bundles and filed at the court house in Bath County. The Virginia State Library funded the work done to their specifications. The old records dated back to 1790 and the condition was good considering the age. There were cases that involved the Sims family, mostly over debts owed them or that they owed others. These papers will have to be found and perused. Mrs. Metheny did send to Rose Mary Sims Rudy a copy of a case in Judgment –   Simms vs. Scott which was located in a file of old law cases for 1795. This verifies that the wife of James Sims had drowned and in this case it seems that John Scott accused the son, Jeremiah Sims, then nearly 17 years old, of causing the accident. James Sims defended his son and brought suit against Scott for one hundred pounds damage.
Sir Please to Issue a Writ vs John Scott for saying my son (Jeremiah)
was the Damn son of a bitch that Drowned his Mother
 Col C. Cameron
Jas. Sims
Is sued for Saying that Jeremiah Simms was the
Damned Son of a Bitch that Drowned his Mother
The Commonwealth of Virginia, to the Sheriff of Bath County, ?
You are hereby commanded to take John Scott
if he be found within your bailiwick , and him safely keep so that you have his
body before the justices of our court, of our said county, at the court-house on the Second
Tuesday in May next to answer Jeremiah Simms by James
Simms his father and ?? of
a plea of Trespass on the case damage one
hundred pounds
and have then there this writ, witness Charles Cameron, clerk of our said court,
at the court-house, the 16th day of April 1794
in the 18th year of the Commonwealth.
 Chas. Cameron[21]
The story of Phebe Sims' death has been repeated so many times that some very erroneous information can now be found in genealogy publications. One of these incorrect stories:
"The Settle-Suttle Family" by William Emmett Reese pg 456.
"While living near Clifton Forge, Virginia, Elizabeth (Sims) Johnson was drowned when her horse stumbled and fell while fording the Jackson River. She was returning home after an all night vigil with a sick neighbor. At date of her death, there were nine children in the family, Jeremiah, Jr., Anthony, Martin, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Virginia, Nancy and Dryden. After the sudden death of his wife, the Rev. John Johnson was restless and upon hearing of the illness of his cousin Frances--who had married Joshua Morris and in 1770 established a home in the wilderness of Peter's Creek in the Kanawha Valley--he decided to visit them, when upon arrival, to his great sorrow, he found that their daughters, Peggy and Betsey had been killed and scalped by Indians." (This entry is sourced as History of Kanawha County, George W. Atkinson, Charleston, 1876, p.21.)
Unfortunately the above quotation is full of errors and cannot be considered a reliable source. The names in italics are incorrect. They should read Phebe Sims and James Sims. Rev. John Johnson and Elizabeth Sims, daughter of James Sims, were married 2 June 1802 in Kanawha County, (West) Virginia after James Sims settled in the area. Elizabeth Sims Johnson died in Fayette County 1 June 1845, the year of the terrible typhoid epidemic.[22]. Elizabeth Sims and Rev. John Johnson's children are listed as James, Amy, John Brown Jr., Phebe, William B., Rachel, Hannah, Mary, Elizabeth, Susannah, Harrison, and Barbara. The children listed on page 456 of The Settle-Suttle Family seem to be a mixture of James' children with his first and second wife as well as some children that have been attributed to him but not proved. We see here that Phebe Sims, the mother, and Elizabeth (Sims) Johnson, the daughter have been confused. "Elizabeth, wife of Rev. John, was noted for her kindness and skill in caring for the sick and needy; a characteristic for which her mother was well known."[23] From the above we cannot tell when Frances Simms Morris fell sick. She was born in 1755 and died in 1848 as per tombstone and estate settlement. The story related about the daughters being killed and scalped by Indians is also only partly true. According to Mildred Chapman Gibbs in her excellent book, "From Culpepper County to the Teays Valley," this happened to Henry Morris, brother of Joshua. Same victim daughters - Margaret and Betsey - Peter's Creek. Henry was born 1747, married to Mary Byrd. He was a reckless, macho man and settled, against advice, in remote Peter's Creek, Gauley River, 1791. The 2 girls were sent down a trail to drive the cows home for evening milking, and they were killed and scalped (1792). "The tragedy grieved and embittered him, and vowing no Indian would ever cross his path and live, he avenged the deaths of his daughters many times." We see from the above that the information that Mr. Reese gives is incorrect. It is not known if Mr. Reese misinterpreted the 1876 source for the Settle history or if it is also incorrect.
According to Maginnis "Joshua and Frances Simms Morris, who were among the first settlers in the Kanawha Valley in 1774, were back in Culpeper County, Virginia, in 1794, when their youngest son John was born. Frances died in the following year, but Joshua and his family continued to reside in Teas Valley, in what was then Kanawha County."[24] Frances Simms Morris did not die in 1795 as seen in this statement as well as in The History of Fayette County West Virginia 1993, pg. 449.
Another family tradition is that James Sims, learning that his dear cousin Frances Simms Morris, wife of Joshua Morris, was sick, went to Kanawha Valley:
"Following her death (refers to his first wife), James Simms married Nancy Cotton (this should be Elizabeth Cotton). Soon after this marriage, he went to Kanawha Valley to visit a cousin and also visited the Henry Morris home on Peter's Creek. Henry tried to persuade him to buy near him, but James being a great hunter, said, "No, this section is too thickly settled." So Henry took him on a hunting expedition down Peter's Creek, out across the Little Elk Mountain and started down Little Elk Creek where they found signs of bear, deer and wild turkey. James Sims then said, "Henry, if I can buy land on this creek, I'll be your neighbor soon." The land belonged to John Jones who lived at what is now Pratt. He had married a Morris and had purchased thousands of acres of land. He at once went to see Mr. Jones and they soon agreed on a price for 500 acres on Little Elk Creek: a plug horse and a flint lock rifle. As soon as he could make arrangements, he moved his family there."[25]
William H. Maginnis relates the following story:
"In 1795, the year of General Anthony Wayne's treaty with the Indians at Greenville, Ohio, a James Sims of Culpeper County, Virginia, settled on Gauley River, a few miles from Kanawha Falls. In 1800, a deed recorded in Kanawha County transferred to him from John Jones of Culpeper County 123 acres above a ferry on that stream in what is now Nicholas County."[26]
The order of events in these stories does not seem to fit. We know that Frances Simms Morris did not die in 1795. If James had visited her then and decided to move to Kanawha at that time why did he buy 240 acres on Bollors Ridge on the waters of Jacksons River on 19 August 1796[27]?


John Cleveland McCutcheon
is 127 years old today, born in 1885.  John is Steve's 2nd great-granduncle, the brother of Lula May McCutcheon, Steve's great, great-grandmother.  Lula married Samuel Omar Garrison as we know on December 27, 1905 and begot Sarah Eloise Garrison in 1909. Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. in Athens, Alabama June 25, 1932.


Mary Elizabeth Stewart
is 155 years old today, born in 1857.  Mary is Tara and Calum's 3rd great-grandaunt, the sister of Frances Matilda Stewart who was the oldest of the 11 children born to John Thomas Stewart and Emily Caroline Bale.  John Thomas Stewart, Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandfather was killed at the battle of Corinth Mississippi April 6, 1862 in the War of Northern Agression.  John is also listed as one of the first settlers of North Alabama.

Mary Ellen Naugher
is 64 years old today, born in 1948.  Mary is Tara and Calums's 1st cousin once removed and the daughter of Alta Ellen Rains and Howard Milton Naugher, Tara and Calum's granduncle.  Howard is the brother of Moses S. Naugher, Tara's Grandfather. That makes Howard the uncle of Tara and Calum's father Brent Naugher.


Butler Edelen Stonestreet
died 133 years ago today in 1879 at the age of 81 in Oldham, Kentucky.  Butler is the husband of the boys' 5th great-grandaunt, Ruth Wooden.  Ruth is the sister of Robert Wooden Jr. who was born in Kentucky and later married Jane Barnhill.  They are the boys' 5th great-grandparents, the parents of Robert Miller Wooden.

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