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Meet the family for December 27, 2011


David Barlow and Susanah Hubbard's
268th anniversary is today, married in 1743 in Fairfield, CT when he was 24 and she was 17 years old.  David and Susanah are the boys' 8th great-grandparents.  They begot David Barlow II in 1745.  David Jr. married Sarah Bradley August 9, 1764 in Greenfield, CT and begot Anna Barlow in 1763.  Anna married Talcott Gold in Fairfield March 18, 1782.

John Platt Cleveland and Nancy Ann Cotton's
195th anniversary is today, married in 1816 when he was 20 and she was 17 in Masonville, Delaware, New York.  Nancy is the boys' 5th great-grandaunt, the sister of Ira Cotton who married Talcott Gold's daughter Sally Gold May 6, 1811 and begot Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1815.

Samuel Gold
is 319 years old today, born in 1692 is the boys' 8th great-grandfather.  The following is a few lines from the Powers-Banks ancestry book starting on page 183-185:

"Our line is through Samuel, the fourth son, born 27 December 1692.  He appears to have lived a quiet and prosperous but uneventful life, without colony or church office.  He purchased the estate still known (in 1921) as the Gould homestead, recently turned by bequest into a summer home for unmarried Protestant females.  He married, 7 December, 1716, Esther Bradley of New Haven.  He had five children, one dying in infancy.  he died 11 October, 1769.  His stone, somewhat broken but repaired, reads as follows:
                Here lyes Buried the Body Mr. SAMUEL GOULD Who departed this Life Oct y 11th 1769 in y 77th Year of His Age.

His son, Colonel Abraham, was killed by the British at Ridgefield, 1779.  He was the ancestor of Jay Gould.

Samuel's son Abel is our ancestor, (
ours too) baptized 17 September, 1727.  Like his father's, his life seems to have been lived in private.  He emerges into the colony records, rather the state records, under date 4 November, 1776; at a meeting of the governor and the committee of safety, it was voted to supply Abel Gold and others with twelve cannon, 4-pounders, eight small swivels, half a ton of round-shot, and one hundred weight of grape-shot.  Yet in the stirring days of the next year, when the British burned Fairfield I find no mention of his name.  However, his loss by fire, barn and other things, was set as 124L.  He has been called captain but in the parish records he is not so distinguished.  One earlier entry in the Colonial Records, October, 1769, tells at some length of a legal suit whereby he gets six and one-fourth acres of land.  he had a slave Tony in days when slaves in Fairfield were not numerous, yet otherwise his wealth seems to have been modest.  His treatment of his slave suggests that he was both religious and patriotic; Tony, who had married Deacon Bulkley's Dorcas in November, 1780, had been baptized 16 April, 1775, and served three years in the war.  He is on the Revolutionary rolls of 1781 for a bounty of 30L.  Abel's young son Talcott, was also in the war.  Why then did not Abel, if he were captain, serve?  His family duties must have been large; since his marriage to Ellen Burr, 19 December, 1754, he had many children, the eldest being but twenty in October, 1776; there were at that time eight younger children living, the youngest about a year old.  In 1777 was born another, costing the life of its mother.  The father was fortunate in finding speedily a new mother, Amelia Burr, for his family.  Was it pity that prompted Amelia Burr to assume the care of that large family?  She was a widow with several children of her own.  She was born Silliman, daughter of Judge Silliman, sister to General Silliman.  As nothing indicates that Abel Gold was, for such a person, in any worldly way, a good match, his attraction for her must have lain in character or in pitifulness of condition;  the last element was certainly there, I am inclined to think the other also.  Quite clearly he was regular in his habits, orderly and decent.  Every one of his eleven children had been promptly baptized.  Their good old family names were proof of proper pride.  The strength of family attachment is shown also in his marriages.  Ellen Burr was a distant cousin, Amelia Burr, the second wife, was a widow to Ellen's brother Ebenezer, and also a distant cousin, through descent from Major Gold.  Amelia must have known Abel through thick and through thin, and have found in his home a proper sphere for a somewhat masterful woman.  Upright, personally attractive to women, somewhat lacking in force, we think Abel Gold was.  Yet was he lacking in force?  How explain the shadowy title, Captain?  How explain the trust by the state government of the defense of Fairfield?  Yet if not lacking in force, why not more of his accomplishment, in business, in church, or in state?  The case fascinates and baffles.  His property was not great;  for in the list of appraised losses suffered in the fire of 1779, his is set down at only 124L 7s 5d.  It is true that Abel's loss did not include a house.  The loss of Thaddeus Burr was over 1500L.  His wife's property evidently remained in her own name;  for though I found no record of the distribution of Abel's property, upon his death, the probate records show the distribution of the estate of his first wife, Ellen.  No one of his children attained distinction.  Talcott I infer was the most competent.  Abel died 11 November, 1789.

Abel's daughter Ellen was a little heroine, the most celebrated in the annals of Fairfield.  Mrs. Schenck records, p. 395, and it seems to be a matter of common tradition, that

             When she was but twelve years of age, she would rise in the night to prepare and make bread and food for the soldiers at the fort [this was the Fort Black Rock, under command of Lieutenant Isaac Jarvis, whom by mistake, Mrs. Schenck calls the husband of Ellen]; or to dispense to the troops passing through the town.  On the night of the burning of Fairfield a British officer was wounded near her house and she was asked to allow him to be brought into the house.  She refused unless a promise should be given that her family and all their belongings should be protected from harm.

One version of the story is that at risk of her own life she dragged a wounded British soldier to safety across her own threshold; that out of gratitude, the British saved her father's house from burning.  Certain it is that, though Abel was recompensed for a burnt barn and other property destroyed, a house is not included;  it must have been one of the half dozen saved.  Ellen was thrice married, but though she had a single daughter, has left no descendants.  Pity that her brother Talcott did not perpetuate her name, his mother's likewise, among his five girls."

I'll end this here.  I find this fascinating and I could go on typing the whole book.

Sarah Bradley
is 267 years old today, born in 1744. Sarah the daughter of Gershom Bradley and Sarah Sherwood of Fairfield Connecticut married David Barlow on the 9th of Aug. 1764. They begot Anna Barlow in Oct of 1763.  If my dates are correct, David was 18 and Sarah 19 when they had Anna.  Anna at age 23 married the afore mentioned Talcott Gold.  They begot 6 children, 5 of which were girls.  Our line goes through Sally Gold, the oldest child.  She married Ira Cotton which ties us to the Cotton family.  Sally and Ira begot Samuel Cheney Cotton who, along with Almira Walker begot Hubbard Cotton. Hubbard and Mary Hazelitt begot Samuel Hazelitt Cotton who married  Lotti B. Ray and begot Marie Antoinette Cotton the mother of Jerry Wooden Sr., Walter William Wooden, Jr. and Charlotte Marie Wooden.


Samuel Omar Garrison and Lula May McCutcheon's
106th anniversary is today married in 1905 when he was 24 and she was 18 in Morgan county, Alabama. Samuel and Lula are Steve's 2nd great-grandparents, the parents of Sarah Eloise Garrison born in 1909.  Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. in Athen, AL June 25, 1932.


Walter Verdell Hulgan
died 44 years ago today in 1967 at age 85 in Fyffe, Dekalb, Alabama. Walter is Ella and Mason's 1st cousin 4 times removed.  His father is Stephan Nicodemus Hulgan the brother of John Miller Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandfather.


James Melton Hensley
died 58 years ago today in 1953.  James is the husband of 1st cousin 4 times removed, Mary Evely Stanford, whose father is 3rd great-granduncle, John Thomas Stanford, the brother of 3rd great-grandfather, David Stanford.

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