Monday, September 12, 2011

Meet the family for September 12, 2011


Cathy Joy Maxey
is 50 years old today, born in 1961. Cathy is Tara and Calum's 1st cousin once removed.  Her mother is Anna Ruth Naugher, Tara and Calum's grandaunt, the sister of Moses S. Naugher.  Happy birthday Cathy.


Clarence LeRoy Stanford
is 118 years old today, born in 1893.  As with many of our family, Clarence is related in two ways.  He is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed, via the relationship with David Stanford and Nancy Ann Kenley, David's first wife. Also he is the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed, via James S. Kenley, Nancy's father and Mary Jane Gill his wife.

Oliver Kaufman Wishard and Catherine Ethilinda Stanford's
125th anniversary is today, married in 1886, he at 27 and she at age 18 in Tuscola, Ill. Catherine is the boys' 2nd great-grandaunt, the sister of Margaret Jennie Stanford, who married Joseph R. Wooden and are the parents of Walter William Wooden and Leroy Oliver Wooden.


Ernest William Rosentreter
is 98 years old today, born in 1913.  Ernest is the boys' 4th cousin twice removed and their 12th cousin twice removed, via Nicholas Hopkins and Mary Poole.  Ernest's mother is Lucy Powers Jaegar, the boys' 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  Lucy's mother is Helen Altana Powers, the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Helen's mother is Lydia Ann Banks the boys' first cousin 5 times removed.  Lydia's father is David Bradley Banks, the boys' 1/2 4th great-granduncle, the 1/2 brother of Samuel Cheney Cotton, the boys' 4th great-grandfather, via their mother Sally Gold and her second marriage to Ira Cotton.

William Howard Powers
is 143 years old today, born in 1868.  William is the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed, his mother is the aforementioned Lydia Ann Banks, the boys' 1st cousin 5 times removed. That makes William the brother of the aforementioned Helen Altana Powers. 

George Ira Cotton
died 81 years ago today in 1930 at age 62 in Friendship, New York.  George is the boys' 2nd great-granduncle, the brother of Samuel Hazelitt Cotton, the boys' 2nd great-grandfather and the husband of Lotti B. Ray.  They are the parents of Marie Antoinette Cotton who married Walter William Wooden, Sr.

William Emery Cleveland
is 156 years old today, born in 1855.  Bill is the boys' 2nd cousin 5 times removed.  His father is John Fletcher Cleveland, 1st cousin 6 times removed, whose mother is Nancy Ann Cotton, the boys' 5th great-grandaunt and sister of 5th great-grandfather, Ira Cotton, born in 1788

John Shirley
died 441 years ago today in 1570 at age 37 in Staunton Harlold, Leicestershire, England and is interned at Breedon On the Hill.  John is the boys' 12th great-granduncle, the brother of 12th great-grandmother, Elizabeth Shirley, who married Thomas Cotton, Esq. and begot Andrew Cotton.


Nathan Thomas Barnett
died 126 years ago today in 1885.  Nathan is the kids' 2nd cousin 6 times removed.  His father is Benjamin Harrison Barnett, 1st cousin 7 times removed whose father is 6th great-granduncle, Benjamin Johnson Barnett, the brother of 6th great-grandfather, David Barnett, born in Virginia in 1776.

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