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Meet the family for August 25, 2011


Abraham Le Fevre and Mary Magdelaine Brock's
216th anniversary is today, married in 1795 in Washington, Virginia. He was 23 and she was 15 years old.  They are the boys' 5th great-grandparents.  The begot 6 children, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob B., Mary Magdelaine, Nancy and Daniel.  Mary Magdelaine married James Johnson from Kentucky, in Salem, Indiana, March 4th, 1824 and begot 10 children of their own.  The 5 and 6th girls were twins and the fifth, Amanda Johnson, married Andrew J. Wooden  November 24, 1858 in Owen, In.


Margaret Irene King is the wife of 3rd cousin 3 times removed, Henery Alfred Naugher, whose father is Richard Henry Naugher, 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Richard's father is John Naugher, 1st cousin 5 times removed, the son of Jack Naugher who is the brother of Joseph Naugher, Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandfather, born in 1790 in Ireland and died November 28, 1879 in Cherokee, Alabama.

Ryan Evan Childs
is 22 years old today, born in 1989 to Connie Sue Naugher and her husband.  Connie Sue is  Tara and Calum's Aunt, the sister of Brent Stewart Naugher.

John Thomas Stewart
died 149 years ago today in 1862 in the battle of Corinth, Mississippi during the beginning of the Civil War.  He left behind 11 children.  The following is a little about John and his Infantry Regiment.  John is Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandfather.

John T. Stewart
Side:     Confederate
Regiment State/Origin:     Alabama
Regiment Name:     55 Alabama Volunteers
Regiment Name Expanded:     55th Regiment, Alabama Infantry Volunteers
Company:     J
Rank In:     Captain
Rank In Expanded:     Captain
Rank Out:     Captain
Rank Out Expanded:     Captain
Film Number:     M374 roll 42

Regiment:      55th Infantry Regiment Alabama
Date of Organization:     23 Feb 1863
Muster Date:     9 Apr 1865
Regiment State:     Alabama
Regiment Type:     Infantry
Regiment Number:     55th

Regimental History
The Fifty-fifth Alabama was made up of Snodgrass' and Norwood's
battalions. Snodgrass' (Fourth) battalion was in Breckinridge's
reserve brigade in February, 1862, and was employed for some
time near Pensacola, under command of Lieutenant-Colonel

In Trabue's brigade it lost 30 men at the battle of Shiloh,
April 6 and 7, 1862, where it fought under Maj. J. M. Clifton,
and was highly commended in official reports. It was engaged
in the defense of Vicksburg in 1862 where Maj. G. L. Alexander
was killed, and at the battle of Baton Rouge, August 5, 1862
where it fought bravely and suffered severely.

It fought in Rust's brigade near Corinth, in October, 1862, and
was highly commended by its brigade commander. In March, 1863,
at Port Hudson, it was consolidated with Norwood's battalion
and formed the Fifty-fifth regiment, about 900 strong, under
Col. John Snodgrass, in Buford's brigade.

The regiment fought at Baker's Creek with great loss; also at
Jackson and subsequent engagements in Mississippi. Transferred
to Scott's brigade, it served continuously in the army of
Mississippi, until, as part of Stewart's corps, it joined the
army of Tennessee in the spring of 1864, and took part in the
continuous fighting of the Dalton-Atlanta campaign.

At Peachtree Creek it was fearfully mutilated, losing more than
half its number. It also lost heavily in Hood's winter
campaign, suffering severely at Franklin and Nashville.

Proceeding to North Carolina, it was consolidated after April
9, 1865, with the Twenty-seventh, Thirty-fifth, Forty-ninth and
Fifty-seventh, under Colonel McAlexander, and was surrendered
at Greensboro with Johnston's army.

Col. John Snodgrass led the regiment with untiring bravery
throughout the war. At Peachtree Creek, which proved so
disastrous to the regiment, many officers were lost. Maj. J.
H. Jones, Adjt. J. C. Howell, Capts. J. W. Evans and Arthur B.
Carter were killed, and Lieut.-Col. John W. Norwood, Capts. J.
H. Cowan, J. M. Thompson and Peter Nunnally were wounded there.
Capt. D. C. Daniel was wounded at Resaca and Atlanta.

Source: Confederate Military History, vol. VIII, p. 216

Battles Fought
Fought on 13 Jul 1864.
Fought on 20 Jul 1864 at Peach Tree Creek, GA.
Fought on 30 Nov 1864 at Franklin, TN

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