Thursday, August 18, 2011

Meet the family for August 18, 2011


Elizabeth Hawley
died 258 years ago today in 1753 at the age of 74 in Fairfield, CT.  Betty is the boys' 9th great-grandmother.  She married Joseph Wakeman in 1698 in Fairfield, CT and begot Elizabeth Wakeman in 1702.  Liz married the Capt., Seth Samuel Burr in Fairfield, in 1722 and they begot 11 children, the 8th being Ellen Burr in 1736.  Ellen married Abel Gold, his first marriage and they begot Talcott Gold et al.

Jacob H. Earnest
is 175 years old today, born in 1836.  Jake is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, the 1/2 brother of Rachel Earnest, via their father Jacob A. Earnest.  Jacob H. is the product of Jacob A's marriage to Rebecca Blunt, his second wife.  Elizabeth Sims is Rachel's mother.  Rachel was born in 1816, 20 years before her 1/2 brother Jacob.

Mary Poole
died 378 years ago today in 1633 at the age of 81 in London, England.  Mary is the boys' 13th great-grandmother.  She married Nicholas Hopkins in London, England in 1578 and begot William Hopkins in 1579 and Stephen Hopkins in 1580.  Stephen is our ride on the Mayflower and the Sea Venture.  Stephen first married Constance Dudley in 1599 and they begot Constance Hopkins, Elizabeth Hopkins and Giles Hopkins.  Stephen then went with the Sea Venture to Virgina to bring supplies to the settlers in Jamestown.  They sailed into a hurricane and were stranded on what is now Bermuda for 10 months.  Stephen eventually made his way back to England to find that his wife Constance had died sometime between 1609 and 1613.  He remarried to Elizabeth Fisher in St. Mary Matfellon, Whitechapel England on February 19, 1618 and she got pregnant just before they sailed on the Mayflower to Plymouth, Mass in 1620. Stephen took his entire family to Mass.   Their child was born on board the Mayflower (the only child born on the voyage) and they named him Oceanus Hopkins.  Oceanus died in 1627 in Plymouth the same year Stephen and Elizabeth begot Damaris HopkinsConstance Hopkins is the boy's 11th great-grandmother, who married Nicholas Snow in 1627.  They begot 8 children with the second one being Sarah Snow who married William Walker in 1655 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  They begot 3 children, the last being Jabez Walker in 1668.

William H. Earnest
is 204 years old today, born in 1807.  William is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, the brother of Rachel Earnest, the boys' 4th great-grandmother and mother of Charlotte Brown who is the mother of Lotti Ray.

Mary Tappin
is 343 years old today, born in 1668.  Mary is the boys' 9th great-grandaunt, the sister of Anna Tappin, the boys' 9th great-grandmother who married Thomas Ward, Sr. December 6, 1683 in Middletown, Connecticut and later begot Thomas Ward, Jr. who married Rebecka Birnham August 28, 1707 in Hartford Connecticut.  They begot 6 children with Rebeckah Ward the 4th born in 1723.  Rebeckah married William Cotton September 22 1742 in Middletown CT and they begot 6 Cotton children with Thomas Cotton the last born in 1764.


Nora Catherine Moore
died 60 years ago today in 1951 at the age of 72 in Tippicanoe, IN. Nora is the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed, her mother is Mary Frances Jones, the boys' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  Her mother is Maranda Johnson, the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt and sister of Amanda Johnson, who married Andrew J. Wooden in 1858 and begot Joseph R. Wooden in 1860.


Emily Caroline Bale
died 118 years ago today in 1893 at the age of 69 in Spring Garden, Cherokee, AL.  Emily is Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandmother who married John Thomas Steward and begot Frances Matilda Steward in 1845.


Martha Jane Bryant
is 151 years old today, born in 1860.  Martha is the wife of Ella and Mason's 3rd great-granduncle, William Wallace Hulgan, the brother of John Miller Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandfather.  They were born to George Washington Hulgan and Dialtha Almeda Luttrell who begot 5 boys.


Samuel Wilson Mayne
is 186 years old today, born  in 1825.  Samuel is the kids' 5th great-granduncle, the brother of William Homer Mayne whose wife Martha we talked about yesterday.

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