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Meet the family for July 28, 2011


Alva Wishard
is 124 years old today, born in 1887.Alva is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  His mother is Catherine Ethilinda Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-grandaunt and the sister of Margaret Jennie Stanford born in 1865 Margaret is 2 years older than Catherine.  Margaret Jennie married Joseph R. Wooden. Catherine married Oliver Kaufman Wishard.


Caitlyn Ann Williams-Reeves
is 21 years old today, born in 1990.  Caitlyn is Steve's 2nd cousin, daughter of Lori Leslie Reeves and her partner, Robert Clayton Williams.  Lori is the Steve's 1st cousin once removed and the daughter of Donald Boyd Reeves.  Donald is the son of John Wesley Reeves, Sr. and Sarah Eloise Garrison.


Margaret Ann Naugher
is 153 years old today, born in 1858. Margaret is Tara and Calum's 2nd great-grandaunt.  Margaret's brother is Moses Service Naugher, Tara and Calum's 2nd great-grandfather and the father of Horace Savage Naugher.

Mary Polly Faucett
died 139 years ago today in 1872 at age 81 in Tuscaloosa, AL.  Mary is the wife of Tara and Calum's 4th great-granduncle, James Naugher who was born in Donegal, Ireland in 1775. James is the brother of Joseph Naugher who married Jane Ingram in 1815 and begot Robert Marion Naugher in Union South Carolina in 1821.  Robert married Mary Ann Reedy in Benton, Alabama in 1847 and begot Moses Service Naugher in 1851.


Rebeckah Cotton
died 257 years ago today in 1754 at age 10 in Middletown, CT.     Here we go, another first.  Rebeckah is not only the boys' 6th great-grandaunt, via her relationship with Willam Cotton and Rebeckah Ward, via her brother Thomas Cotton the boys' 6th great grandfather, she is also the boys' 3rd cousin 8 times removed, TWICE.  Once via her relationship through William Cotton, her father and then Experience Hall, his mother.  The again through her mother Rebeckah Ward and her father Thomas Ward, Jr.  Tangled up and blue.  For your inquiring minds.  William Cotton and Rebeckah Ward were husband and wife and 2nd cousins.

Rebeckah Ward
died 247 years ago today in 1762 at age 40 in Middletown, CT.  Speak of the devil, Rebeckah died on the same day as her daughter Rebeckah Cotton exactly 10 years later.


Abram Houston Starling
is 186 years old today, born in 1825. Abram is the kids' 4th great-granduncle, five years older than his brother  William B. "Wiley" Starling, the kids' 4th great-grandfather who was born 4th of 9 to John Starling and Nancy Melby, the kids' 5th great-grandparents.


Chalmers Cole Wooden
is 105 years old today, born in 1906.  Cole is the boys' 3rd cousin 4 times removed, his father is 2nd cousin 5 times removed, John Henry Wooden, whose father is 1st cousin 6 times removed, Abraham Wooden whose father is 5th great granduncle, John Wooden, the brother of 5th great-grandfather, Robert Wooden from Kentucky.

Chalmers Cole Wooden

John Henry Wooden and family

Abraham Wooden


On this day 401 years ago in 1609 Stephen Hopkins, the boys' 12th great-grandfather and the other 149 men and woman on the good ship "Sea Venture" were ship wreaked on what is now Bermuda for approximately 9 months.  They were on a restocking mission to the Jamestown Colony in Virginia.  The colony was in desperate need for food and provisions so the Sea Venture, a brand new ship built for just a voyage, cast off before she was completed.  In those days the timbers that made up the hull of the ship were packed with a mud/cement like compound to prevent leaks.  The mud wasn't cured and when the ship was in a hurricane for 3 days the mud washed out of the timbers.  The whole ship's company, crew and passagers alike bailed water with buckets for 3 days straight with out rest until finally the captain ordered the ship to run aground on what is now Bermuda.   Some good reading on the matter is found:

The Sea Venture was also the namesake of a cruise liner which operated between the USA and Bermuda in the 1970s for Flagship Cruises, before being obtained by Princess Cruises, which renamed her the Pacific Princess. She was subsequently used in the television show The Love Boat.

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