Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meet the family for June 30, 2011


Ardie Mack McMurrey
is 71 years old today, born in 1940.  Ardie died June 24, 1990. Ardie is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  Ardie's father is Grover Cleveland McMurrey, the kidls' 3rd great-granduncle and brother of Ida Jane McMurray, the kids' 3rd great-grandmother and the mother of Donie Mae Mayne.

Jimmy Nelson McMurrey
is 74 years old today, born in 1937.  Jimmy died at age 60 in 1998. Jimmy is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed and the 1/2 brother of the afore mentioned Ardie Mack McMurrey.  Ardie's mother is Lou Dovie Payne and Jimmy's mother is Davie Inez Green.  Both their father's are Grover Cleveland McMurrey.


Henry F. Meyer
is 98 years old today, born in 1913.  Henry is the kids' 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  His father is James F. Meyer, 1st cousin 4 times removed, the son of John Hammond Meyer who is the brother of 3rd great-grandfather, Dedrich Henry Meyer.

Nathan Thomas Barnett is 160 years old today, born in 1851.  Nathan is also the kids' 2nd cousin but he is 6 times removed.  His father is Benjamin Harrison Barnett, 1st cousin 7 times removed and the son of Benjamin Johnson Barnett who is the brother of 6th great-grandfather, David Barnett.


Sarah Walker
died 234 years ago today in 1777 at age 79 in Wellfleet, Barnstable, Massachusetts.  Sarah is the boys' 8th great-grandaunt.  Her brother is Jeremiah Walker, the boys' 8th great-grandfather, whom I show lived to be 108 years old.  Not impossible, but not likely.  Jeremiah married Esther Tomlin in 1724 and begot Benjamin Walker the boys' 7th great-grandfather who married Sylvia Keith and begot Marshall Walker.  Marshall is the father of Cady R. Walker, born in 1795 who married Electa Sparks in 1813 and begot Almira Walker the wife of Samuel Cheney Cotton, the boys' 4th great-grandfather.  The Walker line is the line that takes us back to the Mayflower when William Walker (1620-1703) married Sarah Snow, the daughter of Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins, who was on the Mayflower with her family.


Agnes Quast
is 120 years old today, born in 1891. Agnes is the one of the wives of Steve's 2nd great-granduncle, Samuel Lee Everhart.  We've been trying to find living relations to Samuel for some time now.  A man in Texas seems to have found a living son of Samuel's via his 4th or 5th marriage.  I'll let you know more as I find out.


Lovell Davis Mulligan and Lori Leslie Reeves'
16th anniversary is today, married in 1995 when he was 41 and she was 28 years old.  Lori is Steve's 1st cousin once removed.  Her father is Donald Boyd Reeves.  Lori has been married 3 times (?) and has 3 children with Lovell Davis Mulligan as follows:  Adam Turner Mulligan 1995, Randall Bennett Mulligan 1995, Victoria Grace Mulligan 2001.  She also has Jeffrey Lee Reeves 1984 with "Clay" and Caitlyn Ann Williams-Reeves with Robert Clayton Williams.  Would this be "Clay"? Is he also the father of Jeffrey?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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