Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meet the family for June 23, 2011


Conie Pearl Wooden
is 110 years old today, born in 1901.  Conie died February 10, 2000 at age 98 in Morgan, IN.  She is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  Her father is Harvey Houston Wooden who married Myrtle M. Anderson and begot 10 Wooden children, with Conie being the first.  Harvey's parents are Andrew J. Wooden and Amanda Johnson.  Harvey was the youngest of 6 children with Joseph R. Wooden the oldest, 18 years apart.


John Baskerville "Jack" Bridgforth
is 116 years old today, born in 1895.  Jack is Andrew and Byran's Granduncle.  He is the older brother of Edward McPhail Bridgforth, Sr., the boys' grandfather, which is probably why Edward named one of his son's after John Baskerville Bridgforth. 


Joshua Miller Wooden
is 188 years old today, born in 1822. Josh is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle. I have two Joshua Miller Woodens with the same dates.  I'll get back to you on this.

Mildred Hawley
died 19 years ago today in 1992.  Mildred is the boys' 3rd cousin 4 times removed.  Her father is 2nd cousin 5 times removed, John Merritt Hawley whose mother is 1st cousin 6 times removed, Lucy Ann Stonestreet.  Lucy's mother is Ruth Wooden, the sister of 5th great-grandfather, Robert Wooden.


Terry Wayne Meyer and Gail Bryson's
27th anniversary is today, married in 1984.  Terry is the kids' 3rd cousin twice removed.  His father is Arthur Herman Meyer, their 2nd cousin 3 times removed, whose father is 1st cousin 4 times removed, Dedrick Hammond Meyer while his mother is 3rd cousin 5 times removed, Stella Irene Barnett.  Dedrick's father is 3rd great granduncle, John Hammond Meyer, the brother of 3rd great-grandfather, Dedrich Henry Meyer.

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