Monday, June 20, 2011

Meet the family for June 20, 2011


Sherinda Frost and Brandon Max Hawkins got married 2 years ago today!  HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU GUYS, and many many more!


Capt Seth Samuel Burr
is 317 years old today, born in 1694.  We talked about Seth a few days ago.  Seth is the boys' 8th great-grandfather.  He married Elizabeth Wakeman, his first wife in 1722 and begot 11 children with Ellen Burr being the 8th child born.  Ellen married Abel Gold in Fairfield, CT in 1754 and begot their 3rd child, Talcott Gold in 1759.

Marshall Walker
is 254 years old today, born in 1757 in Wales, Massachusetts.  He married Hannah Dunbar and they are the boys' 6th great-grandparents.  Their 4th child is Cady R. Walker, born in 1795 and later married Electa Sparks to beget Almira Walker in 1814.  Almira married Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1834 in New York and later begot Hubbard Cotton in 1838.  Almira Walker congers up images of rubies and sapphires, not diamonds and emeralds.  I envision her in a black lacy dress with jet black hair and a fan covering her face.  Her long hair is held up by a sapphire encrusted broach and she wears dark red lipstick.  Just me?

William Ward
died at age 1, 350 years ago in Middletown, CT in 1661.  William is the boys' 9th great-granduncle from 2 different lines.  First one goes:  William Ward, William Ward, Sr. (10th great-grandfather), Thomas Ward, Sr.(11th great-grandfather), Thomas Ward, Jr., Rebeckah Ward, Thomas Cotton, Ira Cotton, Samuel Cheney Cotton, Hubbard Cotton, Samuel Hazelitt Cotton, Marie Antoinette Cotton.  The next way is: William Ward Sr, Phoebe Ward (9th great-grandmother born to William's second wife, Phoebe Fenner), Samuel Hall, Experience Hall, William Cotton (the boys' 7th great-grandfather) etc, etc.


Matilda Ann Boudinier
died 84 years ago today at age 67 in 1927 in St. Louis, MO.  Matilda is Steve's 3rd great-grandmother.  She married Thomas Nuton Sims, her first husband, in 1878 in Appleton City, MO.  They begot 7 children, the 2nd one being Steve's 2nd great-grandmother, Margret Izora Sims, in 1883.  Margret (Gram) married Elmer Elsworth Everhart in 1902 and begot 10 children, the 2nd being Lola Ray Everhart, born in 1906.

David Keith Eckmann
died 4 years ago today in 2007.  David is Steve's 1st cousin twice removed.  He married Cornett and they begot Kyle E. Eckmann who is still alive.  David's mother is Margaret Lorraine "Peggy" Everhart, the sister of Steve's great-grandmother, Lola Ray Everhart.


Ruth Wooden
died 159 years ago today in 1952 at the age of 49 in Oldham, Jefferson, Kentucky.  Ruth is the boys' 5th great-grandaunt, the sister of Robert Wooden who we talked about yesterday.  FYI there are 17 Ruth's in our family line.

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