Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet the family for June 12, 2011


Abraham Le Fevre
is 239 years old today, born in 1772 in Philadelphia, PA he lived to see 66 years old and died Dec 6 1838 in Buffalo, IN.  Abe is the boys' 5th great-grandfather.  He married Mary Magdelaine Brock and produced 6 children, the 4th being Mary Magdelaine Le Fevre in 1806.  Mary married James Johnson in 1824 and begot Amanda Johnson in 1833. Amanda married Andrew J. Wooden in 1858 and they begot Joseph R. Wooden in 1860.


Cady Walker
is 189 years old today, born in 1822.  This is Cady Walker, Jr.  He is the boys' 4th great-granduncle.  His parents are Cady R. Walker and Electa Sparks, the boys' 5th great-grandparents.  Almira Walker is his big sister.  Almira married Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1834 and begot Hubbard Cotton in 1838.

John Stowe
is 371 years old today, born in 1640.  John is the boys' 9th great-granduncle, the brother of Mary Marie Stowe who married the Rev. John Cotton in or around 1666 in Concord, Massachusetts.


Ace Gwinn Edge
died 84 years ago today in 1927 at age 76.  Ace is the kids' 4th great-grandfather.  Ace married Regina Ann Elizibeth Sims in 1872 and begot Joseph Lewis Edge in 1873.  Joseph married Alice Cora Starling and are the kids' 3rd great-grandparents.  They begot Cora Augusta Edge in 1902.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer in 1920 and begot 11 children, the 7th being Roland Max Myer in 1932.  Roland married Ella Ween Brown and are the kids' great-grandparents.

Laurena A. Barnett is 165 years old today, born in 1846 and is the kids' 4th great-grandaunt, the sister of David A. Barnett who married Jane C. Fleeman in December of 1857 and begot Lucy Emline Barnett in 1858.

Jason Carruth
is 37 years old today, born in 1974.  Jason is the kids' 2nd cousin once removed.  His father is L. J. Carruth, 1st cousin twice removed whose mother is Melba Cora Myer the sister of Great-grandfather, Roland Max Myer.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!



Mary Nell Battles is 100 years old today, born in 1911.  She is the wife of the kids' 2nd great-granduncle Louie Mayne.  Louie is the father of Venice Mayne, Homer's wife.  Louie is also the brother of Donie Mae Mayne.

William M. McMurrey
died 104 years ago today in 1907.  William M. McMurry (sr?) is the kids' 5th great-grandfather.  He married Betsie and begot 13 children with 4th great-grandfather, William M. McMurrey, born first in 1849.  Jr. married Lucy Ann Kelley in 1873 and they begot 11 children with Ida Jan McMurrey being 3rd.


Mary Jane Martin
is 160 years old today, born in 1851. Mary is Steve's 3rd great-grandmother.  She married Thomas Jefferson Everhart March 17, 1869 in Lafayette, MO.  They had 9 children with Elmer Elsworth (Gramp) Everhart being the second born.  Elmer married Margret Izora Sims in 1902 and they begot 10 children, with Lola Ray Everhart being the second born.  Lola married Ceasar Alford Steible January 5, 1928 in East St. Louis Illinois and they begot one child, Elizabeth Louise "Betty" Steible who married Jerry J. Wooden, Sr. November, 23, 1950 in Kansas City MO and they begot 4 boys, Jerry, Steven, James and Walter.


Leola O. Swift
died 2 years ago today in 2009 at age 90 in Appleton City, Mo.  Leola is the wife of 1st cousin twice removed, Kenneth Wendell Wooden whose father is Leroy Oliver Wooden, the brother of the boys Great-grandfather, Walter William Wooden.

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