Thursday, April 28, 2011

Meet the family for April 28, 2011


Amy Clark
died 295 years ago today in 1716 at age 36 in Richmond, VA.  Amy is Steve's 8th great-grandmother.  She married William Symes around 1700 and begot Thomas Sims in 1702.  Thomas married Rebecca Petty and begot Jeremiah Sims in 1738 the following is Jeremiah Sims' last Will and Testament:
James Sims, born 8 October 1754[1] in Culpeper County, Virginia, was the only child of Jeremiah Sims and Agatha Nalle. On 4 March 1768[2] a weak and sick Jeremiah Sims wrote his will which was probated 18 October 1768[3] in Culpeper County. James was nearly 14 when his father died in 1768. Jeremiah left half of his estate to his beloved wife Agatha Sims and the other half to his loving son James Sims. In the event that James would die without heirs the estate was to be divided equally between Jeremiah's two nephews, Thomas Graves and Jonathan Sims or their heirs. Jeremiah appointed his loving wife Agatha and his loving friends Edward Sims, John Nalle Jr., and Henry Pendleton as executors of his will. The will was witnessed by Thomas Griffin, Moses Spicer, Henry Pendleton and John Nalle Jr.
 "In the name of God Amen. I, Jeremiah Sims of the County of Culpeper being sick and weak but of perfect mind and memory blessed by God for it, Do
constitute ordain and appoint, this my last will and testament in manner and form following (to wit) In the first place I bequeath my soul to God was
gave it, and my Body to be decently buried. ITEM I lend unto my beloved wife, Agatha Sims one half of my estate both real and personal during her
natural life, after my just debts are paid. ITEM I give and bequeath unto my loving son James Sims one half my estate both real and personal after my just
debts are paid. ITEM My will and desire is that if my said son James Sims should dec without heir that my wife have the use of my whole estate during
her natural life and then to be equally divided between my two nephews, Thomas Graves and Jonathan Sims or their heirs. ITEM I do constitute and
appoint my beloved wife Agatha Sims executrix and my loving friends Edward Sims, John Nalle Jr. and Henry Pendleton executors of this my last will and
testament. Witness my hand and seal this twenty fourth day of March 1768. Jeremiah Sims (LS.)
 Signed, sealed and acknowledged in presence of us:
Thomas Griffin and Moses Spicer, Henry Pendleton and John Nalle Jr.[4]


Matilda Priscilla Goode
is 201 years old today, born in 1810 in Rutherford, Polk, NC.  Matilda is Ella and Mason's 5th great-grandmother.  She married John Martin in 1833 and begot the next lady on the list Delila Caroline Martin on this same day.

Delila Caroline Martin
is 177 years old today, born in 1834 in Hall county, GA.  Delila is Matilda's daughter and Ella and Mason's 4th great-grandmother.  Delila married William H. West in 1850 and begot the NEXT person on the list Ira Benjamin West in 1860.  weird.

Ira Benjamin West
died 95 years ago today in 1916 at age 56.  Ira died on the same day that his mother and grandmother were born.  Ira is Ella and Mason's 3rd great-granduncle.


Dorothy Greenleaf Davies
is 96 years old today, born in 1915 in New Haven, Connecticut. Dorothy is the mother of, Diane Rosentreter.  Dorothy is the wife of the boys' 4th cousin twice removed, Ernest William Rosentreter.  Diane is his daughter and the boys' 5th cousin once removed.  Ernest's mother is the boys' 3rd cousin 3 times removed Lucy Powers Jaegar.  Lucy's mother, Helen Altana Powers is the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Helen's mother is Lydia Ann Banks, the boys' 1st cousin 5 times removed. Lydia's father is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, David Bradley Banks.  David's mother is the boys 5th great-grandmother, Sally Gold when she was married to Bradley Banks, her first husband.  Her second husband Ira Cotton is the boys' 5th great-grandfather and the father of Samuel Cheney Cotton.

Richard Burnham Birnham
died 280 years ago today in 1731 in Hartford, CT. at age 77.  Richard is the boys' 9th great-grandfather.  He married Sarah Humphries and begot Rebecka Birnham in 1685.  Rebecka married Thomas Ward in 1707 and begot Rebeckah Ward in 1723.  Rebeckah Ward married William Cotton the son of Samuel Cotton and Experience Hall.  Rebeckah and William begot Thomas Cotton in 1764.  Ok, here's a twist.  Rebeckah Ward seems to be both the boys' 7th great-grandmother and their 2nd cousins 9 times removed.

Mary Snow
died 307 years ago today in 1704 in Eastham, Barnstable, Massachusett at age 74.  Mary is the boys' 10th great-grandaunt, the sister of Sarah Snow, their 10th great-grandmother.  They were the 2nd and 3rd born respectfully to Nicholas Snow and Constance Hopkins.  Constance was a passenger on the Mayflower with her father, Stephen Hopkins and her step mother.  Constance married Nicholas Snow in Plymouth May 22, 1627 and they begot 10 children.


John Davis McCutcheon
died 91 years ago today in 1920 at age 66 in Valhermosa Springs, Morgan, Alabama.  John is Steve's 3rd great-grandfather.  John married Lenore Overstreet in 1874 in Morgan county, AL and begot 9 children, the 6th being Lula May McCutcheon in 1887.  Lula married Samuel Omar Garrison in 1905 also in Morgan county and begot Sarah Eloise Garrison in 1909.  Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. in 1932 and are Steve's great-grandparents.

Justin Thomas Blackburn
is 27 years old today, born in 1984 in Atlanta, Fulton, GA.  Justin is the son of John Bedford Blackburn, Jr. and Mittie's sister, Alisa Annette Reeves, Steve's Aunt, making Justin and Steve 1st cousinsHAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!


Margaret Frances Naugher
is 84 years old today born in 1927.  Maggie is Tara and Calum's grandaunt, the sister of Moses S. Naugher.  Maggie married Leonard Elmo Stowe and begot Sandra Ruth Stowe and Terry Elmo Stowe both are Tara and Calum's 1st cousins once removed.


William Luther Crow
died 45 years ago today in 1966 in Floyd county GA at age 80.  William is the kids' 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Ella Mariah Crow, the kids' 3rd great-grandmother.  Ella married Oscar Routh Brown and begot 5 boys.  The last one was Oscar Thomas Brown who married Donie Mae Mayne, the kids' 2nd great-grandmother who then begot Ella Ween Brown, Doyle Brown and Jerrel Thomas Brown. 

Lou Powell Crow
is 141 years old today, born in 1870.  Lou is the kids' 1st cousin 5 times removed.  His father is Isaac Allen Crow, jr. the brother of 4th great-grandfather, John Christopher Crow born in 1838.

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