Saturday, March 19, 2011

Meet the family for March 19, 2011


George Helms
is 119 years old today, born in 1892. George is the husband of Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grantaunt, Pluma Annie Edge.  George was born on Round Mountain in Cherokee county, AL and died February 6, 1949 at the age of 56.  George and Pluma married on August 22, 1915.  I don't know if they had any children or not.  Pluma's brother is Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandfather, Joseph Lewis Edge who married Alice Cora Starling and begot Cora Augusta Edge in 1902.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer January 19, 1920 and begot Roland Max Myer in 1932.


Donnie Loyd McMurrey
is 59 years old today, born in 1952.  Donnie is the kids' 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  His father is 1st cousin 4 times removed, Hubert Loyd McMurrey whose father is 3rd great-granduncle, Lee Vernon McMurrey, the brother of 3rd great-grandmother, Ida Jane McMurrey.


Rachel M. Stewar
t is 153 years old today, born in 1858.  She is Tara and Calum's 3rd great-grandaunt, living only 5 months she died August 12, 1858.  Her parents are John Thomas Stewart and Emily Caroline Bale, Tara and Calum's 4th great-grandparents.


James Galt
is 253 years old today, born in 1757. James Galt is the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt's husband's grandfather.  James' father is the Reverend, Thomas Galt who married Sarah Happer and begot James Junius Galt the husband of the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt, Mary Ann Brown.  Mary Ann's sister is Charlotte Brown the mother of Lotti B. Ray the boys' 2nd great-grandmother.

John Burr, Sr,
died 318 years ago today in 1693 at age 60 in Fairfield, CT.  John is the boys' 9th great-granduncle, the brother of Daniel Burr who married Abigail Glover in 1678 in New Haven, CT and are the boys' 9th great-grandparents.  They begot the Captain, Seth Samuel Burr who married Elizabeth Wakeman in 1722 in Fairfield CT and begot Ellen Burr and 10 other children.  Ellen of course married Abel Gold and are the parents of the aforementioned Talcott Gold.

Tappin Ward
is 293 years old today, born in 1718.  Tap, as his friends called him, only lived to see 30 years old.  He most likely died where he was born in Middletown CT in 1748.  He is the boys' 7th great-granduncle and the brother of Rebeckah Ward who married William Cotton Sep 22, 1742 in Middletown, CT and begot Thomas Cotton, the boys' 6th great-grandfather.  Thomas married Anna Hubbard and begot Ira Cotton, who married Sally Gold, the daughter of Talcott Gold and Anna Barlow.

Thomas Stowe
died 281 years ago today in 1810 also in Middletown, Connecticuit at the age of 80.  Thomas is the boys' 9th great-granduncle, the brother of Mary Marie Stowe, who married the Rev. John Cotton around 1666 in Concord Massachusetts.  They begot 8th great-grandfather, Samuel Cotton in 1676.


James S. Kenley and Mary Jane Gill's
anniversary number 176 is today.  They were married in 1835. James and Mary are the boys' 4th great-grandparents and the parents of Nancy Ann Kenley and Amanda Jane Kenley. Both of which were married to David Stanford.  The difference being that Nancy begot Margaret Jennie Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-grandmother and Amanda didn't.

Samuel Austin Stanford
is 201 years old today, born in 1810. He lived to the age of 67 and died in Clay IL.  Samuel is the boys' 4th great-granduncle and the brother of Isaac Austin Stanford who married Catherine Kneff and begot the aforementioned David Stanford, the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, in 1837.

William Huggard Ewing and Elizabeth Wishard's
anniversary number 141 is today, married in 1870. William Huggard Ewing is the boys' 2nd great-grandaunt's husband's sister's husband.  Here we go.  William's wife is Elizabeth Wishard whose brother is Oliver Kaufman Wishard the husband of the boys' 2nd great-grandaunt, Catherine Ethilanda Stanford.  Catherine's sister is Margaret Jennie Stanford the boys' 2nd great-grandmother.  Their parents are the aforementioned David Stanford and Nancy Ann Kenley.


Jefferson Hezekiah Woodsmall
died 150 years ago today in 1861. Hez is the husband of the boys' 4th geat-grandmother, Malinda Mahala Wilhoite.  She married Hez after Robert Miller Wooden, died at age 39 in Owen Indiana after already fathering 11 Wooden children with Malinda.  Hez was a fill in father but also had 2 of his own with Malinda.

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