Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Meet the family for January 19, 2011


Cordelia Lee Garrison
is 127 years old today, born in 1884.  Core is Steve's 2nd great-grandaunt, the sister of Samuel Omar Garrison.  Cordelia was the only girl born to 6 children of John Thomas Garrison and Martha Demaris Grantland, Steve's 3rd great-grandparents.  They were married in Morgan Alabama February 24, 1870 and had their first child, James Edwin Garrison in 1871.  Samuel Omar Garrison Martha and John's 3rd child married Lula May McCutcheon December 27, 1905 in Morgan and they are Steve's 2nd great Grandparents.


Dedrich Homer Myer and Cora Augusta Edge's
91th anniversary is today, married in 1920 when he was 30 and she was 18 years old.   He died in 1953 and is buried in Welcome Hill Baptist Cemetery.  She died in 1984.  Together they are the parents of 11 children spanning a period from 1921 to 1943, that's 22 years of children making, not to mention the raising and feeding of all those kids.  They are the kids' 2nd great-grandparents.


Flora Bell Moore
is 124 years old today, born in 1887  The boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed was born on this day in 1887 in Owen, IN. Floras mother is the boys' 1st cousin 4 times removed, Mary Frances Jones.  Mary's mother is the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt, Maranda Johnson the daughter of James Johnson from Kentucky and Mary Magdelaine Le Fevre from Virgina.  Amanda Johnson, the wife of Andrew J. Wooden is Maranda's sister and the boys' 3rd Great-grandmother.


John Wakeman, Jr
. died 376 years ago today in 1635 at age 4 in New Haven Connecticut.  John is the boy's 10th great-granduncle, the brother of Helena Wakeman born in 1632 also in New Haven.  Helena married Lt. John Talcott, Jr and are the boys' 10th great-grandparents.  They begot Hannah Talcott in 1663 and Joseph Talcott in 1669.  Hannah married Nathan Gold, Jr. May 14th 1689 in Fairfield, CT and they begot 7 of their own children.

Robert Frazier Abell, Sr.
died 21 years ago today in 1990 at age 92 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island the boys' 4th cousin 3 times removed who was born on Jan 13th, and we talked about him then, died on Jan 19, 1990 at the ripe old age of 92.


Thomas Franklin Stewart
died 100 years ago today in 1911 at age 51 in Anniston, Calhoun, Alabama. Thomas is Tara and Calum's 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Frances Matilda Stewart who was the oldest born of the 11 children John Thomas Stewart and Emily Caroline Bale had before John was killed in the War of Northern Aggression in Corinth Mississippi April, 6, 1862.  Frances was the first born and is Tara and Calum's 3rd great-grandmother.  She carried on the family tradition of having children by producing 17 of her own with her husband Frances Marion Savage.  Their first born, Sallie E. Savage, born in 1861 a year before her Grandfather's death, married Moses Service Naugher and they had 7 children to add to the 6 more Moses would have with his second wife Marriel Burrows after Sallie died in 1901.


Verom Hulgan
died 7 years ago today in 1940 at age 9 months.  Verom is Ella and Mason's Granduncle, died on this day in 1940.  He was less than 1 year old having been born on April 3, 1939.  Verom is Duard's brother.

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