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Meet the family for January 1, 2011



Daniel Denison and Mary Stanton's
308th anniversary is today, married in 1703 when he was 22 and she just 15 years old in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.  Daniel is the boys' 2nd cousin 10 times removed.  His mother is 1st cousin 11 times removed, Phebe Lay.  Phebe's mother is the boys' 10th great-grandaunt, Sarah Fenner sister of Phoebe Fenner who married William Ward in Middletown CT March 28, 1660 and are the boys' 10th great-grandparents.


Daniel Denison 


Captain John Denison husband of Phebe Lay.  This grave yard is in Stonington, New London, Connecticut.

David Bradley Banks and Pamelia Phillps's 185th anniversary is today, married in 1826 when he was 23 and she just 16 years old.  David is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, 1/2 brother of Samuel Cheney Cotton via their common mother Sally Gold, daughter of Talcott Gold and Anna Barlow.


Eliza J. Bowman
died 115 years ago today in 1896 at age 54. Eliza J. Bowman, the wife of the boys' 4th great-granduncle, Franklin Kenley, died on Jan 1 1896.  Franklin was the only child of the boys' 5th great-grandfather John Kenley and his second wife Zilphia Nevins.  John's other wife was Mary Warmsley who begot James S. Kenley in 1813 in Kentucky.  This is an interesting connection and here is why:  James married Mary Jane Gill on March 19th 1835 in Orange county Indiana.  Here is the interesting part.  They begot 8 children, but the two important ones to us were, Amanda Jane Kenley 1840 and Nancy Ann Kenley 1844.  Amanda Jane was the first wife of David Stanford, the boys' 3rd great-grandfather,  and Amanda was also the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt.  Amanda and David had 3 children, the last two twins probably killed her on Dec 18th 1863.  David then married Amanda's sister and the boys' 3rd great-grandmother, Nancy Ann Kenley on Feb 27, 1865.  Of course observing the mandatory 2 year morning period.   I know we talked about this just the other day, so I'll just touch on the rest.  David and Nancy Ann begot 9 children the first of which was the boys' great, great-grandmother, Margaret Jennie Stanford who married Joseph R. Wooden on Oct 29th 1884 in IL.


Elmer Elsworth Everhart is 134 years old today, born in 1877 in Sedalia, MO. On the Steible side of the Wooden's, Elmer Elsworth Everhart, Steve's great, great-grandfather, and coiner of the name Jerry Jughandle Jr., was born on January 1st 1877 in Sedalia, MO.  He died 91 years later on Feb 14th 1968 in IL.  Elmer was one of the first Electricians for the railroad.  He would work on the telegraph wires that ran beside the tracks.  Mom remembers that their house had one of the first electric lights in the area, and everyone would come over to see it.  Elmer married Margret Izora Sims in 1902 and begot 9 children.  The second child was Lola Ray Everhart who later married Ceasar Alford Steible and begot Elizabeth Louise (Betty) Steible, an only child.  Lola used to say that after having Betty how could they improve on that.  In reality, Lola had a hip and pelvis that made it very difficult to have a child. Betty still bears the scars on her face from the tools it took to pull her from the womb.  Betty was all they needed.  She later married Jerry Joseph Wooden Sr. on Thanksgiving day November 23rd 1950 in Kansas City MO, and begot the 4 Wooden boys, Jerry Jr., Steven Ray, James Price and Walter William Wooden.


Wiley B. Starling
died 118 years ago today in 1892 at age 61 in Cherokee county, Alabama.  On the Myer Side of the family, Wiley B. Starling is the kids' 4th great-grandfather.  Wiley married Augusta A. Powers from SC and begot 12 children.  The youngest was Alice Cora Starling born on March 16 in 1878, Cherokee, AL.  Alice married Joseph Lewis Edge and had 6 children, the second of which was Cora Augusta Edge, born on January 5th in 1902.  Cora is the wife of Dedrich Homer Myer and the mother of 11.  The 7th child was Roland Max Myer (Dick) born on April 3rd in 1932, Hawkins Chapel, Cherokee co., AL.  Dick married Ella Ween Brown on March 31 1956 in Trenton, GA.  They begot Thereasa Ellen Myer on March 31 1961 in Atlanta, GA.  Thereasa married Duard Robert Hulgan and begot Kellie Marie Hulgan who married Aaron Hosler and begot Ella Marie Hosler.  Thereasa also begot Heather Leigh Hulgan in 1983 who married Jeremy Knowles and they begot Mason Daniel Knowles in 2010.  Dick and Ella Ween also begot Beverly Joan Myer November 2, 1958 in Centre, Alabama.  Bev later married Jimmy Dale Hawkins and they begot Cristy Dale Hawkins in 1980.  Cristy married Kevin Jennings in Taff Springs on July 8, 2006 and they begot Caitlyn Belle Jennings June 10, 2009 in Fr. Payne Alabama.

James F. Meyer
died 51 years ago today in 1960.  He was 78 years old.  James is the kids' 1st cousin 4 times removed.  His father is John Hammond Meyer the brother of Dedrick Henry Meyer, the kids' 3rd great-grandfather.


Sarah Alice Sanders
died 61 years ago today in 1950 at the age of 69 in Hollis, Harmon, Oklahoma.  Sarah is the wife of the kids' 1st cousin 5 times removed, Thomas Nell Crow.  Thomas' father is Isaac Allen Crow, Jr. the brother of John Christopher Crow, the kids' 4th great-grandfather.  John married Mary Jane Cothern May 2, 1872 and begot 11 children with Ella Mariah Crow being the 3rd born.


Robert Miller Wooden
is 215 years old today, born in 1796.  Robert is the boys' 4th great-grandfather.  He married Malinda Mahala Wilhoite February 18, 1819 in Jefferson, Kentucky and begot 11 children between them.  The last born was Andrew Jackson Wooden in 1833.  Andrew married Amanda Johnson November 24, 1858 in Owen Indiana and they begot 6 Wooden children, with Joseph or James R. Wooden being the first born in 1860

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