Thursday, January 06, 2011

Grandchild's story about Cora Augusta Edge

Yesterday was Cora Augusta Edge's 109th birthday.  I asked for family stories and Beverly was nice enough to post the following to be added to the family legacy.

"I loved going to [her] house so much that when I turned 16 in Atlanta, I would ask Daddy if I could go to her house in Alabama every weekend. He almost always said yes. She loved to sit on the front porch. She would sit in the rocking chair & I would be on the porch swing.  I loved combing her long hair. She may say something, but usually just sat there & smiled. Grandma loved cooking for all the family or just for one person. She was a great cook & made sure she had something everyone liked to eat. One summer morning I woke up at 6:30 & saw her walking up the road. She had gotten up early, cooked breakfast, then walked to the country store to get orange juice for us kids that had spent the night with her.

 I treasure all the times with her.She never said one unkind word, ever. I especially loved sitting beside her in church. We always sat on the fourth row on the left in church. She was very happy in church. Always wore a hat to church too.

One day I took her to the doctor in the Corvette. She just could not understand why they made the car without a back seat, with all the wasted space where the motor was. [Later,] I would have to pull her out of the car. She just laughed & laughed.

She loved flowers & had a flower garden beside the garden. She never went outside without a bonnet on her head and always wore an apron all day long. She only had one closet in her house. She loved getting her one new dress every year. I can remember she had a Santa face in the back of that closet. I was always afraid of it, but loved seeing it on the front door. Her Christmas tree was always a cedar tree with alot of hand made ornaments."


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