Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Meet the family for December 22nd


James Parkinson
is 205 years old today, born in 1805.  James is the husband of the boys' 4th great-grandaunt, Mahala Earnest, the sister of their 4th great-grandmother, Rachel Earnest who married Resin D. Brown in 1834.

Marianna Banks
is 265 years old today, born in 1745.  Marianna is the boys' 2nd cousin 8 times removed.  Her mother is their 1st cousin 9 times removed, Hannah Bradley.  Hannah's father is 8th great-granduncle John Bradley whose brother is 8th great-grandfather, Gershom Bradley.

Seth Burr
died 246 years ago today in 1764 at age 38 in Fairfield, CT.  Seth is the boy's 7th great-granduncle, the brother of Ellen Burr who married Abel Gold in Fairfield, CT December 19, 1754 and are the parents of Talcott Gold.


Martha Demaris Grantland
is 161 years old today, born in 1849.  Martha is Steve's 3rd great-grandmother.  She married John Thomas Garrison in Morgan, AL February 24, 1870 and begot Samuel Omar Garrison in 1881.  Samuel married Lula May McCutcheon December 27, 1905 in Morgan.


Robert Eugene Hulgan and Phyllis Ann Coffinger's
54rd anniversary is today, married in 1956 when he was 21 and she was 19 years old in Rhea county, Tennessee.  Robert is Ella's great-granduncle.  Robert died just 6 years ago February 6, 2003 in Graysville, Rhea, Tennessee.  He is the 1/2 brother of Cecil Robert Hulgan via common fathers and different mothers. Robert's mother is Bonnie Dobbs and Cecils, Della D. Berryhill.


William L. Stewart
died 84 years ago today in 1926 at age 73 in Loraine, Mitchell, Texas.  William is Tara's 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Frances Matilda Stewart, both born to the Civil War hero John Thomas Stewart and Emily Caroline Bale, Tara's 4th great-grandparents.


Charles Sanford Wilhoit
is 205 years old today, born in 1805.  Charles is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, the brother of Malinda Mahala Wilhoite who married Robert Miller Wooden February 18, 1819 in Jefferson Kentucky.  They begot 11 Wooden children with Andrew Jackson Wooden being the last born to Robert and Malinda.  Andrew is the boys' 3rd great-grandfather.

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