Monday, November 22, 2010

Meet the family for November 22nd


Audrey Christine Hulgan
is 81 years old today, born in 1929.  Audrey is Ella and Mason's great-grandaunt, the 1/2 sister of Cecil Robert Hulgan, Ella and Mason's grandfather.  Audrey's mother is Bonnie Dobbs and Cecil's mother is Della D. Berryhill.  Their father is Thomas Franklin Hulgan.

Jesse Alma Hulgan
is 121 years old today, born in 1889.  Jesse is Ella and Mason's 1st cousin 4 times removed.  Her father is Stephan Nicodemus Hulgan, the brother of John Miller Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandfather.


James S. Kenley
died 132 years ago today in 1878 at age 65 in Talona, Champaign, IL.  James is the boys' 4th great-grandfather.  He married Mary Jane Gill March 19, 1835 in Orange county, Indiana and begot Nancy Ann Kenley in 1844.  Nancy is the second wife of David Stanford.  They begot Margaret Jennie Stanford in 1865.


James Thomas Stimpson
died 36 years ago today in 1974 at age 84 in Cherokee, AL.  James is the husband of the kids' 3rd great-grandaunt, Fannie Maybell McMurrey.  Fannie's sister is Ida Jane McMurrey who married William Mitchell Mayne December 31, 1899 in Cherokee county, Alabama.  They begot Donie Mae Mayne in 1909.


Matilda Ann Boudinier
is 151 years old today, born in 1859.  Matilda is Steve's 3rd great-grandmother.  She married Thomas Nuton Sims March 15, 1878 in Appleton City, St. Clair, Missouri and begot Margret Izora Sims, Steve's 2nd great-grandmother, in 1883.

Ruth Mae Woodrum
died 79 years ago today in 1931 at age 51 in Harewood, Fayette, West Virgina. Ruth is the wife of Steve's 1st cousin 4 times removed, John Melville Sims.  John's father is William H. H. Sims the brother of Thomas Nuton Sims, Steve's 3rd great-grandfather and husband of  the aforementioned Matilda Ann Boudinier.


Rev., Hezekiah Gold and Sarah Sedgwick's
252 anniversary is today, married in 1758, he at 27 and she at 19 years old, in Cornwall, Litchfield, Connecticut.  Hezy, as we called him, is the boys' 1st cousin 9 times removed.  His father is Hezekiah Gold, the brother of Samuel Gold, the boy's 8th great-grandfather.

Marium Luticia Williamson
is 163 years old today, born in 1847.  Marium is the wife of the boys' 3rd great-granduncle, Henry Marshall Cotton, the brother of Hubbard Cotton who married Mary Hazelitt January 16, 1861 in Hector, Schuyler, New York.  They later begot Samuel Hazelitt Cotton, the husband of Lotti B. Ray.

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