Saturday, October 30, 2010

Meet the family for October 30th


Amelia Silliman
is 274 years old today, born in 1736.  Here is a first.  Amelia is related to the boys' 3 different ways.  She is the wife of their 7th great-grandfather, the wife of their 7th great-granduncle and the wife of their 5th cousin 9 times removed.  She was first married to Ebenezer Burr, the boys' 7th great-granduncle, then to Abel Gold, their 7th great-grandfather.  She begot only Sally Gold with Abel.  Sally is the 1/2 sister of Talcott Gold, et al. 

Lucy Cotton
died 163 years ago today in 1847 at the age of 100 in Claridon, Marion, Ohio.  She was born in Middletown CT September 9, 1747.  Lucy is the boys' 6th great-grandaunt, the sister of Thomas Cotton (lived to be 92) who married Anna Hubbard and begot Ira Cotton in 1788.

William Hopkins and Helen Vickaris's 401st anniversary
is today, married in 1609 in Worcester, Worcestershire, England, he at age 30 and she 28.  William and Helen are the boys' 12th great-grandparents. They were born and died in Worcestershire, England but they begot Elizabeth Hopkins in 1610 in Haddam CT.  Liz married John Wakeman in England in 1628 and begot Helena Wakeman, the boys' 10th great-grandmother in New Haven, CT in 1632.  Helena married Lt., John Talcott, Jr. in Hartford, CT yesterday in 1650.  They begot Hannah Talcott in 1663 who married Nathan Gold, Jr. in 1686 in Fairfield, CT.  They begot Samuel Gold in 1692 in Fairfield and Sam married Esther Bradley in 1716 also in Fairfield, CT.  They begot Abel Gold in 1727 who married Ellen Burr in Fairfield on December 19, 1754.  They begot Talcott Gold in 1759.


John Jovas Chambers
is 133 years old today, born in 1877. John is Ella and Mason's 2nd great-granduncle, the brother of Noah Benjamin Chambers, Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandfather.

Robert Webb
died 167 years ago today in 1843 at age 81 in Rutherford county, NC.  Robert is Ella and Mason's 7th great-grandfather, the husband of Emelia Clinton who begot Phoebe Webb in 1788.  Phoebe married Richard Goode in NC in 1808 and begot Matilda Priscilla Goode in 1810.  Matilda married John Martin in Hall GA on June 16, 1833 and begot Delila Caroline Martin in 1834.  Delila of course married William H. West in 1850 and they begot Sarah Matilda West in 1854.  Sarah married John Henry Chambers in Hall GA on December 24, 1871 and they begot the aforementioned Noah Benjamin Chambers in 1879.


Margaret Jennie Stanford
died 75 years ago today in 1935 at the age of 69 in Appleton City, St. Clair, Missouri.  Jennie is the wife of Joseph R. Wooden the boys' 2nd great-grandfather.  They are the parents of Walter William Wooden and Leroy Oliver Wooden.


Sallie E. Savage
is 149 years old today, born in 1861.  Sallie is Tara and Calum's 2nd great-grandmother.  She was the first born to the Frances and Frances family of 17 children.  Sallie died young at age 39 only 2 years after giving birth to her 7th child with Moses Service Naugher.


Sarah Phillips
is 231 years old today, born in 1779.  Sarah is the kids' 6th great-grandmother.  She married David Barnett in Oglethorpe, GA April 7, 1791 and they begot Abel M. Barnett in 1813.  Abel married Rachel Meadows on January 11, 1832 in Oglethorpe co. GA and begot David Barnett in 1833.  David married Jane C. Fleeman December 8, 1857 in Oglethorpe, GA and begot Lucy Emline Barnett in 1858.  Lucy married Dedrick Henry Meyer and begot Dedrich Homer Myer in 1889.

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