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Meet the family for September 30th


Charles F. Brown
died 157 years ago today in 1853 at the age of 10.  Charles is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Charlotte Brown who married Thomas B. Ray and begot Lotti B. Ray.

Jane Banks
is 261 years old today, born in 1749.  Jane is the boys' 2nd cousin 8 times removed.  Her mother is 1st cousin 9 times removed, Hannah Bradley.  Hannah's father is 8th great-granduncle, John Bradley the brother of 8th Great-Grand Father Gershom Bradley who married Sarah Sherwood and begot Sarah Bradley in 1744.  Sarah married 7th Great-Grand Father David Barlow II and begot Anna Barlow in 1763.  Anna married Talcott Gold in 1782 and they begot 5 daughters and a son.  Sally Gold their 3rd daughter married Ira Cotton after her first husband, Bradley Banks died. Interestingly, Bradley is the 1st cousin once removed of the aforementioned Jane Banks.

The aforementioned Talcott Gold
died 174 years ago today in 1836 at the age of 77 in Niles about a mile from Friendship, New York.  His body was later moved to the Cotton family plot in Friendship where it rests today.  Talcott is the boys' 6th great-grandfather.  His name, Talcott, comes from his Great-grandmother, Hannah Talcott whose father is Lt. John Talcott, Jr.  His father is John Talcott, Sr born in 1592 in Braintree, England and is the boys' 11th Great-Grand Father.  Talcott Gold was a mariner in the "war of the Revolution" and served on the USS Alliance which was a sailing frigate 151 ft long displacing 900 tons and was 36 ft wide and drafted 12.5 ft of water.  As small as the boat seems it carried 28- 12 pound cannons and 8- 9 pounders and had 300 officers and men aboard.  The Alliance is notable for having fired the last shot of the war.  She was originally named Hancock and was laid down in 1777 on the Merrimack River at Salisbury, Massachusetts.  She was launched on 28 April 1778 and renamed Alliance on 29 May 1778 by resolution of the Continental Congress. Her first commander was Capt. Pierre Landais a former officer of the French Navy who came to the New World in hopes of becoming the naval counterpart of Lafayette.  Massachusetts made him a honorary citizen and Congress gave him command of the Alliance which was the finest warship built to that date on the western side of the Atlantic. 
        Talcott moved to Friendship NY after the war.  "On his arrival in Friendship, his dependable qualities appearing, he is chosen town clerk, a life office.  He and his daughters and wife are chief supporters of the Presbyterian church; when a Congregational church is formed in 1830, his name heads the list of members."  excerpt from the Powers - Banks Ancestry page 188."He was buried at Niles, about a mile away, but the remains have been removed to the family lot of the Cottons in Friendship.  The stone records that he was a good citizen, a faithful husband and father, a servant of his country in the Revolution."  Excerpt from the Powers-Banks Ancestry Book, page 188
        History of Friendship Village, New York (It's People)
        A Centennial Memorial
        History of Allegany County, New York
        John S. Minard, Esq. Historian
        Mrs. Georgia Drew Andrews, Editor.
        W. A. Fergusson & Co., Alfred, N. Y. 1896
        Transcribed by: Diana Gates Reinhart

   Ira and Chauncey Cotton, sons of Thomas, and natives of Middletown, Conn., settled in
Friendship in Jan., 1816. Ira married Sally, daughter of Talcott Gould a Revolutionary soldier.
Their daughter, Sally A., married, first, Deacon Franklin Taylor, and resided in Friendship,
where he died. She then married his brother, Dr. Austin Taylor, and moved to New Hudson
and later to Appleton City, Mo. She died in 1890. Her brother, Samuel C., born April 7,
1815, in Delaware county, came here with his parents and has since made his home here. He
married when 19, Almira, daughter of Cady R. Walker of Cuba. Children, Helen (Mrs. C.
Drew), Hubbard and Henry. Mr. Cotton was "justice" for 30 years, and held prominent local
offices. In 1855 he was chosen sheriff on the first Republican ticket nominated In the county
and has been an active Republican since. He helped organize the first temperance society of
Friendship. Ira was assessor many years and died Jan., 1864, his wife some years earlier.
Chauncey Cotton, son of Thomas, married Anna Gould and had 7 children. Their son Charles
was a captain in the civil war, killed at Pleasant Hill, La. Talcott, also a soldier, died soon
after the war. Cyrus H., son of Chauncey, now in Minnesota, was a prominent teacher in the
Academy here more than 40 years ago. Samuel C. Cotton has lived in the town probably
longer than any other man except Kendrick Hyde . Hubbard Cotton, son of Samuel C., owns
the original Cotton homestead.

        Powers-Banks Ancestry: Traced in All Lines to the Remotest Date Obtainable, Charles Powers, 1819-1871, and His Wife Lydia Ann Banks, 1829-1919
        By William Howard Powers
        Published by J.L. Powers, 1921
        Original from the University of Wisconsin - Madison
        Digitized Sep 8, 2007
        325 pages

    page 186
    Talcott was the second living son, baptized 17 January, 1759. The next thing known of him is his enlistment in 1775.  1. Family tradition, through Samuel Cotton who knew the old gentleman, says that he helped to throw up the entrenchments at Bunker Hill. He was then under sixteen. The official records show that Talcott Gold enlisted 24 July, 1775, and served in the investment of Boston in the camp at Winter Hill until 24 December, 1775, when he was discharged. Another Talcott Gold was born 1728, his father's cousin; but as the register makes no further mention of him, he probably died in infancy. In 1780, November or December, so the pension office at Washington, he enlisted as a midshipman and served ten and one-half months on the U. S. S. Alliance, commanded by Captain John Barry, Colonel John Laurens to L'Orient, France, and on the return voyage participated in engagements with the British vessels Atalanta and Trepassy off the Grand Banks. The incidents of that famous voyage are history, including other captures than those mentioned above. In all of these Talcott must have been a part or at least a spectator; of that duel between Thomas Paine, who was on the outward passage, and the pert young Count de Noaille, it requires no stretch to suppose him a witness. In the interim between these two services, only the latter of which for inexplicable reason is mentioned in his pension record, Fairfield, situated so near New York and on the Sound, was in constant danger. In 1777 some of her men, led by Abraham Gold, repelled an attack of the British on the New York border at Ridgefield. The town was thrown into mourning by the death of Colonel Gold, uncle to Talcott. On July 7th and 8th appeared the British under Tryon —       it was a part of their planned raid upon the Connecticut coast —       effected a landing, and burned the villages of Fairfield and Greens Farms. All but half a dozen houses were destroyed. They numbered 87 dwellings, 67 barns, 48 stores, 2 school houses, 1 county house, 2 meeting houses, and 1 Episcopal church. The account of it is one of the vivid spots in Dwight's poem of Greenfield Hill. The young soldier Talcott could hardly have been inactive in days like these, yet tradition gives no account of him. The only approach to an anecdote from his own lips is found in these words to my grandmother: "When I was a young man, I followed the sea." Grandmother knew him well in the days when he had become venerable in white beard. "The handsomest man I ever knew," was her comment; yet he appears not to have been at all above the average in size. Grandmother, it is true, was not a great retailer of anecdote; Uncle Sam was the storehouse of family lore; unfortunately no one now living seems to recall more than the fact. It was on April 27th that Colonel Gold was killed at Ridgefield.

Junius Declose Galt
died 38 years ago today in 1972 at age 79 in Breckenridge, Texas.  Junius is the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  His father, 1st cousin 4 times removed, Thomas Resin Galt's mother is Mary Ann Brown the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt and sister of the aforementioned Charlotte Brown who married Thomas B. Ray and begot Lotti.

Nathan Gold
is 240 years old today, born in 1770.  Of the 4 Nathan Golds in our line, this one is the boys' 6th great-granduncle, the brother of the aforementioned Talcott Gold.  Does anyone else find it the least bit interesting that so many people in the same family either died or were born on September 30th?

Thomas Cotton
died 323 years ago today in 1687 at the age of 30 in Chelmsford, Middlesex, MA.  There are 10 Thomas Cottons and variations of the spelling in our family line.  This one is the boys' 9th great-granduncle, the brother of the Rev, John Cotton who married Mary Marie Stowe in Concord, Mass. in 1666.  They begot Samuel Cotton in 1676 and he married Experience Hall in February of 1716.  They begot William Cotton in 1720 and William married Rebeckah Ward in Middletown, CT September, 22 1742.  They begot another Thomas Cotton in 1764, this one is the boys' 6th great-grandfather who married Anna Hubbard in 1787 and begot Ira Cotton in 1788.  Ira married Sally Gold on May 6, 1811 and she is the daughter of Talcott Gold.  Full circle.

Rebecca Clark
is 294 years old today, born in 1716.  Rebecca is the boys' 2nd cousin 9 times removed.  Her mother is Sarah Stowe, the boys' 1st cousin 10 times removed whose father is Samuel Stowe, the boys' 9th great- granduncle, the brother of Mary Marie Stowe who married the Rev. John Cotton in Concord, Massachusetts around 1666.  They begot 6 children with the 4th being Samuel Cotton, the boys' 8th great-grandfather. Samuel married Experience Hall on February 28, 1716 in Middletown, Connecticut.


Venis Pauline Naugher
is 116 years old today, born in 1894.  Venis is Tara's Great-grandaunt, the sister of  Horace Savage Naugher, Tara's great-grandfather.


Nellie Chambers
is 101 years old today, born in 1909.  Nellie is Ella's great-grandmother.  Nellie married Cecil Robert Hulgan and begot 9 Hulgan children with Duard Robert Hulgan being the youngest.


Samuel McMurtry and Jane Martin's
anniversary number 248 is today.  They were married in 1762 when he was 18 and she was just 12 years old, in Augusta county Virginia.  I know the spelling is wrong here, but this is the way the records go.  Until I find out differently I'll stick to this.  Samuel and Jane are the kids' 7th great-grandparents.  They begot 6 children with the first being John McMurtry who married Sarah Anderson and they begot William M. McMurrey.  Note the spelling change.  William married Betsie sometime around 1840 and they begot 13 children with William M. McMurrey, Jr. being the 1st born around 1849.  This is the William that married Lucy Ann Kelley in 1873 and they begot 11 children with Ida Jane McMurrey being the 3rd born.  Ida married William Mitchell Mayne and they begot 8 children with the 3rd born being Donie Mae Mayne, the kids' 2nd great-grandmother.

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