Thursday, September 02, 2010

Meet the family for September 2nd


Claudie Elizabeth Naugher
died 49 years ago today in 1961 at age 72. Claudie is Tara and Calum's great-grandaunt, the sister of Horace Savage Naugher.

Robert Marion Naugher
died 110 years ago today in 1900 at the age of 78 in Cherokee, AL. Robert is Tara and Calum's 3rd Great-grandfather.  Robert married Mary Ann Reedy and begot Moses Service Naugher, the father of the aforementioned Horace and Claudie.


Dorothy Plumb
is 275 years old today, born in 1735.  Dorothy is the wife of the boys' 1st cousin 9 times removed, William Hall.  William's father is Samuel Hall, Jr. the boys' 8th great-granduncle and brother of Experience Hall.

Ernest William Rosentreter
died 4 years ago today in 2006 in Dallas, Texas at age 92.  Ernest is the boys' 4th cousin twice removed.  His mother, Lucy Powers Jaeger is the boys' 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  Lucy's mother is Helen Altana Powers, the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  Helen's mother is Lydia Ann Banks, the boys' 1st cousin 5 times removed.  Lydia's father is David Bradley Banks, the boys' 4th great-granduncle and 1/2 brother of Samuel Cheney Cotton, via their mother Sally Gold.

Mary Stanton
died 286 years ago today in 1724 at age 37 in Stonington, CT. Mary is the wife of the boys' 2nd cousin 10 times removed, Daniel Denison.  Daniel's mother is Phebe Lay, the boys' 1st cousin 11 times removed.  Phebe's mother, Sarah Fenner is the boys' 10th great-grandaunt.  Sarah's sister is Phoebe Fenner, the boys' 10th great-grandmother who married William Ward in 1660 and begot Phoebe Ward in 1663.  Phoebe married Samuel Hall and they begot Experience Hall in 1684.


Elizabeth Ann Gaultney
is 150 years old today, born in 1860.  Betty is the wife of Ella and Mason's 3rd great-granduncle, Stephan Nicodemus Hulgan who is the brother of John Miller Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 3rd great-grandfather.


Anderson Kneff
is 186 years old today, born in 1824.  Andy is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, the brother of 4th great-grandmother, Catherine Kneff who married Isaac Austin Stanford in Tippecanoe, Indiana on October 8, 1835.  They begot 12 children with David Stanford being the 2nd born.


Tobias Wilhoit
is 230 years old today, born in Culpeper, Virginia in 1780.  Toby is the boys' 5th great-grandfather.  He married Nancy Margaret Ellison from Woodford, Kentucky in 1801.  They begot Malinda Mahala Wilhoit in 1800.  Malinda married Robert Miller Wooden February 18, 1819 in Jefferson, Kentucky and they begot 13 Wooden children with the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Wooden, being the 11th born in 1833.  Andrew married Amanda Johnson in Owen Indiana on November 24, 1858 and they begot Joseph R. Wooden, the first born of their 6, in 1860.  Joseph, the boys' 2nd great-grandfather married Margaret Jennie Stanford on October 29, 1884 in Illinois and they begot Walter William Wooden in 1887 and Leroy Oliver Wooden in 1901.

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