Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meet the family for September 22nd


Hannah Thompson
is 356 years old today, born in 1654.  Hannah is the boys' 9th great-grandmother who married Abraham Bradley and begot Esther Bradley in 1695.  Esther married Samuel Gold in December of 1716 and begot Abel Gold in 1727.  Abel married Ellen Burr in December of 1754 and are the boys' 7th great-grandparents and the parents of Talcott Gold.

Joshua Brown
died 147 years ago today in 1863 at the age of 71 in Sangamon IL.  Josh is the boys' 5th great-grandfather who married Nancy Wilcher in September of 1812 and begot Resin D. Brown in 1813.  Resin married Rachel Earnest in May of 1834 and begot 12 children, the 4th being Charlotte Brown, the boys' 3rd great-grandmother and mother of Lotti B. Ray.

Robert Earnest died
179 years ago today in 1831 at the age of 21.  Robert is the boys' 4th great-granduncle, the brother of Rachel Earnest, the boys' 4th great-grandmother who married Resin D. Brown in May of 1834.

William Cotton and Rebeckah Ward's
268th anniversary is today, married in 1742 when he was 22 and she was 19.  They are the boys' 7th great-grandparents.  William is the son of Samuel Cotton and Experience Hall and Rebeckah is the daugher of Thomas Ward, Jr. and Rebecka Birnham.  They begot 6 children, the last one being Thomas Cotton who married Anna Hubbard in October of 1787 and begot Ira Cotton in 1788.  Ira married Sally Gold on May 6, 1811 and begot Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1815.


Louisa Wildmann
died 52 years ago today in 1958 at the age of 79 in East St. Louis, IL.  Louisa is Steve's 2nd great-grandmother, the mother of Al Steible who married Lola Everhart and begot Betty Steible who married Jerry Wooden.

William Bernard Moorkamp and Eugenia (Virginia) Ernestine Steible's
82 anniversary is today, married in 1928 when she was 18.  Virginia is Steve's great-grandaunt, the sister of Al Steible

Ellen M. Sims
is 151 years old today, born in 1859.  Ellen is Steve's 1st cousin 5 times removed.  Her father is 4th great-granduncle, Charles Fulton Sims, the brother of 4th great-grandfather Dryden Sims.  Dryden married Rebecca Bays October 18, 1837 in Fayette, West Virginia and they begot 4 children, the last of which was Thomas Nuton Sims who married Matilda Ann Boudinier and are the parents of Margret Izora Sims, Steve's 2nd great-grandmother.


Thomas Edward Grantland
is 191 years old today, born in 1819.  Tom is Steve's 4th great-grandfather who married Emaline Breeding and begot Martha Demaris Grantland in 1849.  Martha married John Thomas Garrison in February of 1870 in Morgan, AL and begot Samuel Omar Garrison in 1881.  Sam married Lula May McCutcheon in Morgan, AL on December 27, 1905 and begot Sarah Eloise Garrison in 1909.  Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr in June of 1932 and begot John, Jr. in 1935.

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