Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet the family for August 29th


Malinda Farmer
is 183 years old today, born in 1827.  Malinda is the kids' 5th great-grandmother.  She married Lewis Kelley in 1840 in Tennessee and begot 7 children.  Lucy Ann Kelley was the 5th born.  Lucy married William M. McMurrey in 1873 and they begot 11 children with Ida Jane McMurrey being the 3rd born.  Ida married William Mitchell Mayne December 31, 1899 in Cherokee Alabama and they begot 8 children, with Donie Mae Mayne, the kids' 2nd great-grandmother being the 3rd born.

William M. McMurrey
is 188 years old today, born in 1822.  This William is the father of the William above and shares a birthday with William Jr.'s mother-in-law being also the kids' 5th great-grandparent.  William Sr. married Betsie and they begot 13 children with William, Jr. being the first born around 1849.


William H. West and Delila Caroline Martin's
160th anniversary is today, married in 1850 when he was 24 and she was 16 years old in Hall county, Georgia.  William  and Delila are Mason and Ella's 4th great-grandparents.  They begot 5 children with the second being Sarah Matilda West, born in 1854 she married John Henry Chambers December 24, 1871 in Hall county Georgia.  They begot 9 children with Noah Benjamin Chambers, Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandfather, being the 6th born.


Sarah Parkhill Boudinot
died 165 years ago today at age 13.  Sarah is the boys' 4th cousin 6 times removed, via Nathan Gold, Jr and Hannah Talcott, also their 6th cousin 6 times removed, via John Wakeman and Elizabeth Hopkins and their 8th cousin 6 times removed, via Nicholas Hopkins and Mary Poole.  Sarah is the 4th born of the 6 children born to Harriet Ruggles Gold and the Cherokee Indian, Elias Boudinot.  Much history is written about this couple and their tragic life together.

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