Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet the family for July 29th


Gustavus Jaegar
died 93 years ago today in 1917 at the age of 79.  Gus is the husband of the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed, Helen Altana Powers. Helen not only is the boys' 2nd cousin but she is their 10th cousin 4 times removed, via their connection with Nicholas Hopkins and Mary Poole.


John Dewey Hulgan
is 111 years old today, born in 1899. John is Ella and Mason's 2nd great-granduncle and the brother of Thomas Franklin Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandfather.  Thomas' parents are John Miller Hulgan and Ruth J. Copeland, married November 15, 1871 in Dekalb co. AL.  Thomas married Della D. Berryhill and begot Cecil Robert Hulgan in 1905.  Cecil is Ella and Mason's great-grandfather.


Joseph Mitchell
is 8 years old today, born in 2002.  Joseph is the kids' 3rd cousin, born to P. J. Mitchell and Maranda Hooten, Maranda being the kids' 2nd cousin once removed.  Maranda's parents are Jay Hooten and the kids' 1st cousin twice removed, Melinda Beck whose mother is Lelia Jane Myer, the sister of Dick Myer, the kids' great-grandfather.


Rufus Webster Savage
is 124 years old today, born in 1886. Rufus is Tara and Calum's 2nd great-granduncle, the last of the 17 children born to Frances Marion Savage and Frances Matilda Stewart.  Rufus' sister, Sallie E. Savage, Tara and Calum's 2nd great-grandmother was the first born in 1861.  There are 25 years between the two of them. Sally has two children either older or close to the same age as her little brother. James Loid Naugher, Sallies first was born in 1884 and Annie Josephine Naugher, her second, was born in October of 1886.

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