Saturday, June 05, 2010

Meet the family for June 5th


John Robert Wooden died
yesterday at the age of 99 in Los Angeles, CA.  This is a sad passing of a truly great man.  His name ranks right beside the greatest coaches in any sport of all time.  It is even sadder after years of jokingly calling him "Uncle John" that just a couple of weeks ago, I find out that he is our 2nd cousin.  John is the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  His father is Joshua Hugh Wooden, 1st cousin 4 times removed whose father is Joshua Miller Wooden, 3rd Great-granduncle.  Joshua is the brother of the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, Andrew Jackson Wooden who married Amanda Johnson November 24, 1858 in Owen, IN and begot Joseph R. Wooden in 1860.  Joseph or James and he was later known married Margaret Jennie Stanford and begot Walter William Wooden and Leroy Oliver Wooden. John Wooden was born October 14, 1910 in Hall Indiana dieing just 4 months shy of his 100th birthday.


Julia Helen Jaegar
is 128 years old today, born in 1882. Julia is the boys' 3rd cousin 3 times removed.  Julia's mother is the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed, Helen Altana Powers.  Helen's mother is Lydia Ann Banks, the boys' 1st cousin 5 times removed.  Lydia's father is David Bradley Banks, the boys' 4th great-granduncle and the 1/2 brother of Hubbard Cotton who is the Son of Sally Gold, the boys' 5th great-grandmother and her second husband Ira Cotton.

Richard Hall
is 390 years old today, born in 1620.  Richard is the boys' 10th great-grandfather.  Richard married Mary Anthony and begot Samuel Hall.  Samuel married Phoebe Ward and they begot Experience Hall.  Experience married Samuel Cotton.


Lillie Jane Hulgan
is 137 years old today, born in 1873.  Lille Jane is Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandaunt.  She married Ella and Mason's 1st cousin 5 times removed, John Henry Burt.  Lillie's brother is Thomas Franklin Hulgan, Ella and Mason's 2nd great-grandfather.


Sandra Rebecca Naugher is 68 years old today, born in 1941.  Sandra is Tara's grandaunt.  Sandra's brother is Moses S. Naugher, Tara's Gramdfather.  Moses married Haney Fortenberry and begot Tara's father, Brent Stewart Naugher in 1952.


Lonnie Lone Stanford
is 99 years old today, born in 1911.  Lonnie is the boys' 2nd cousin 3 times removed.  Lonnie's mother is the boys' 1st cousin 4 times removed, Asia Minor Stanford.  Asia's father is Jacob K. Stanford, the boys' 3rd great-granduncle and the brother of David Stanford who married Nancy Ann Kenley and begot Margaret Jennie Stanford who ended up with Joseph R. Wooden and are the parents of Walter William Wooden the original.

Mary Louisa Powell
died 82 years ago today in 1928 at the age of 63.   Mary is the wife of the boys' half ( more like 3/4) 2nd great-granduncle, James Isaac Stanford.  James is the offspring of David Stanford and his first wife Amanda Jane Kenley.  James was the first born of David's 13 children.  I earlier said 3/4 great-granduncle because David married Amanda's sister Nancy Ann Kenley after Amanda died.

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