Monday, March 08, 2010

Meet the family for March 8th

Johnny Wayne Hulgan
is 63 years old today. Johnny is Ella's Granduncle.  He died at age 15 on Sepember 28, 1962. Johnny is Duard's older brother.


Loey Rana Lockerby is 39 years old today.  Loey is our most recently discovered cousin from the Wooden family.  Loey is the boys' 3rd cousin.  Her mother Kay Marlene Ferguson is the boys' 2nd cousin once removed.  Her father Kenneth Wendell Wooden is the boys' 1st cousin twice removed and Kenneth's father, Leroy Oliver Wooden is the boys' great-granduncle and the brother of Walter William Wooden Sr.  Loey is a movie critic in KC, KS.

Montie Elberta Wooden died 11 years ago today. Montie is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  We just may have more cousins lurking in this line.  Montie's parents are Harvey H. Wooden and Myrtle M. Anderson.  Harvey's parents are Andrew J. Wooden and Amanda Johnson, his oldest brother is Joseph R. Wooden, the boys' 2nd great-grandfather Montie's siblings are as follows:  Conie P. Wooden (1901-2000), Louie E. Wooden (1902-1919), Lora A. Wooden (1903-1971), Althea Amanda Wooden (1903-1971), Lola E. Wooden (abt 1906-?), Nelvin Wooden (1908-1996), Bert L. Wooden (1912-1982), Eunice O. Wooden (1916-1939) and Nathan H. Wooden (1922-2006)


Mary Ann Reedy
died 111 years ago today. Mary is Tara's 3rd great-grandmother.  Mary married Robert Marion Naugher November 4, 1847 in Benton, AL.  They had 6 children, the second of which was Moses Service Naugher born in 1851.  Moses married Sallie E. Savage August 3rd 1883 in Cherokee county, AL and begot Horace Savage Naugher, their 6th child, on July 22, 1897.  Horace married Maxie Ruth Smith and begot Moses S. Naugher, their second child, on Sep 17, 1920.  Moses is Tara's Grandfather.


Rebecca Blunt
died 152 years ago today. She is the second wife of the boys' 5th great-grandfather Jacob A. Earnest.  Jacob was first married to Elizabeth Sims and she bore 9 children to him before she flat wore out.  Rachel Earnest is their 7th child and the boys' 4th great grandmother.  She married Resin D. Brown and begot Charlotte Brown.  Charlotte married Thomas B. Ray and begot Lotti B. Ray.  Lotti married Samuel Hazelitt Cotton and you probably know the rest by now.

Elizabeth Walker
died 313 years ago today in 1697 at age 32 in Eastham, Barnstable, Mass.  Betty is the boys' 9th great-grandaunt and their 3rd cousin 11 times removed.  Betty is the sister of Jabez Walker the boys' 9th great-grandfather.  Interestingly enough Elizabeth died the same day as her mother in 1697.

Sarah Snow died 313 years ago today in 1697 at age 65 in Eastham Barnstable, Mass.  Sarah is the boys' 10th great-grandmother and the mother of the aforementioned Elizabeth Walker.

James Walker
died 163 years ago today in 1847 at age 94.  James is the boys' 6th great-granduncle, the brother of Marshall Walker who married Hannah Dunbar in 1776 and begot Cady R. Walker in 1795.

Samuel Wakeman
died 318 years ago today in 1692 at age 56 in Fairfield, CT. Sam is the boys' 10th great-grandfather.  He married Hannah Goodyear and begot Joseph Wakeman around 1670.  Joseph married Elizabeth Hawley in Fairfield Ct around 1698 and begot Elizabeth Wakeman in 1702.  Eliz married Capt Seth Samuel Burr in 1722 and they begot Ellen Burr in 1736.  Ellen married Able Gold in 1754 and they begot Talcott Gold in 1759.

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