Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Meet the family for March 23rd


Elizabeth Earnest
died 107 years ago today in 1903 at age 69 in Hancock county , IL. Liz, as we called her, is the boy's 4th great-grandaunt.  Her sister, Rachel Earnest married Resin D. Brown in 1834 and are the boys' 4th great-grandparents.  They begot 12 children, the forth one being Charlotte Brown who married Thomas B. Ray in 1865 in Sangamon County, IL.  They begot Lotti B. Ray in 1865 and she later married Samuel Hazelitt Cotton in 1887 in Appleton City, MO.  They had 3 children, the middle child was Marie Antoinette Cotton, born in 1891 in Appleton City.  Marie married Walter William Wooden Sr. May 8, 1910 and begot Charlotte Marjorie, Walter William Jr. and Jerry Joseph Wooden Sr.

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