Sunday, March 21, 2010

Meet the family for March 21st


Capt. Seth Samuel Burr
died 237 years ago today at age 78 in 1773 in Fairfield, CT. Seth is the boys' 8th great-grandfather and the father of Ellen Burr who married Abel Gold in 1754 and begot Talcott Gold in 1759.  Talcott of course married Anna Barlow and begot Sally Gold who married Ira Cotton in 1811.

Sarah Ann Gold
is 224 years old today, born in 1786.  This Gold is buried deep.  She is the boys' 3rd cousin 7 times removed.  Her father is 2nd cousin 8 times removed, Capt. Benjamin Gold, whose father is 1st cousin 9 times removed, Rev, Hezekiah Gold, whose father is 8th great-granduncle, Hezekiah Gold the brother of Samuel Gold who married Esther Bradley and are the boys' 8th great-grandparents.

Ephraim Keith
is 303 years old today, born in 1707.  Ephraim is the boys' 8th great-grandfather.  He married Sarah Washburn in 1732 and they begot Sylvia Keith in 1735.  Sylvia married Benjamin Walker in 1756 and begot Marshall Walker in 1757.  Marshall married Hannah Dunbar in 1776 and begot Cady R. Walker in 1795.

John Leslie Powers
is 147 years old today, born in 1863. John is the boys' 2nd cousin 4 times removed.  His mother is 1st cousin 5 times removed, Lydia Ann Banks.  Lydia's father is David Bradley Banks, the boys' 4th great-granduncle, 1/2 brother of Samuel Cheney Cotton via their common mother, Sally Gold.

Julia Marsh Powers died 156 years ago today in 1854 age age 1.  Julia is the older sister of the aforementioned John Leslie Powers.


Harry Alexander Stanford
died 40 years ago today at age 73 in 1970. Harry is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed. His father is James Isaac Stanford the boys' 2nd great-granduncle and the son of David Stanford, the boys' 3rd great-grandfather and Amanda Jane Kenley, the boys' 3rd great-grandaunt.  Amanda is of course, the sister to the boys' 3rd great-grandmother Nancy Ann Kenley, David Stanford's second wife.  So that makes James Isaac Standford the half brother of Margaret Jennie Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-grandmother who married Joseph R. Wooden in 1884.

Speak of the devil, Isaac Austin Stanford and Margret Ann Mean's 132 anniversary is today, married in 1878 in Clay county, IL.  Isaac was 65 and Margret 55 years old. Ok, Isaac and Catherine are the parents of the David Stanford mentioned above.  They also had a total of 12 children, David was the second.


Moses Service Naugher
is 159 years old today, born in 1851 in Alabama.  He died at age 75 in Cherokee county AL and is buried at Carmel Presbyterian Cemetery. Moses is Tara's 2nd Great-grandfather.  Moses married Sallie E. Savage in 1883 and begot 7 children.  The sixth one was Horace Savage Naugher born July 22 1897.  Horace married Maxie Ruth Smith and begot 9 children of their own.  The second one was Tara's Grandfather, Moses S. Naugher (I don't know if the S is Service or Savage, but I think he was known as M.S.)  who married Haney Fortenberry in 1946 and begot Tara's father Brent Stewart Naugher in 1952.


Ruth E. Schuchert
died 8 years ago today in Kenbridge, Lunenburg, Virginia at age 75. Ruth is the wife of Walter William Wooden Jr. (Bud). Ruth was born August 4, 1926.  Ruth is Bryan and Andrew's grandmother.   Bud and Ruth married September 1, 1950 in Kansas City, MO.  They begot their only child Deborah Ann Wooden January 2, 1955.  Debi married John Baskervil Bridgforth April 24, 1982 in Jefferson county Texas.  They begot the twins, Bryan Wooden Bridgforth and Andrew Bagley Bridgforth April 5, 1983, in Texas.  Ruth was a wonderful person and I wish I'd spent more time with her and Bud.  They got me through a couple of rough patches, and I have some wonderful memories of them.


Oscar William Hulgan
died 52 years ago today in 1958 at age 61 in Dekalb, AL. Oscar is Ella's 1st cousin 4 times removed, the 7th child of 8 born to Ella's 3rd Great-granduncle, William Walllace Hulgan.  William is the brother of John Miller Hulgan, Ella's 3rd great-grandfather.

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