Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet the family for March 16th


Sally Gold
died 150 years ago at age 77 in 1860. Sally is the boys' 5th great-grandmother.  She married her second husband Ira Cotton on May 6, 1811 and begot Samuel Cheney Cotton, the second of their 2 children.  Samuel Cheney married Almira Walker and begot the boys' 3rd great-grandfather, Hubbard Cotton in 1838.

Helen Vickaris
died 352 years ago today in 1658 at age 77 in Ribbsford Church, Worcestershire, England.  Helen is the boy's 12th great-grandmother.  Helen married William Hopkins October 30, 1609 in Worcester, England and they begot Elizabeth Hopkins in 1610.  Elizabeth married John Wakeman in 1628 and they begot Helena Wakeman.  Helena's huband and the boys' 10th great-grandfather is Lt. John Talcott, Jr.  But Helena's brother Samuel Wakeman married Hannah Goodyear and are also the boys' 10th great-grandparents.  They begot Joseph Wakeman who married Elizabeth Hawley and they begot Elizabeth Wakeman, the boys' 8th great-grandmother who married Capt. Seth Samuel Burr in 1722.

Joan Sheffield
died 482 years ago today in 1528 at age 54 in Leicestershire, England.  Joan is the boys' 14th great-grandmother, who married Ralph Shirley in 1514.  They begot Francis Shirley in 1515.  This line is a royal line and has a lot of history.


Alice Cora Starling
is 132 years old today, born in 1878 in Blue Pond, Cherokee, AL.  Alice Cora was the last child of the 12 born to Wiley B. Starling and Augusta A. Powers.  Alice married Joseph Lewis Edge and begot 6 children of her own.  The second one being Cora Augusta Edge, Ella's 2nd great-grandmother, born in 1902. Cora Augusta married Dedrich Homer Myer Jan 19, 1920 and begot 11 children, the 7th being Roland Max Myer born April 3, 1932 in Hawkins Chapel, Cherokee County, AL.  Roland married Ella Ween Brown on March 31, 1956 in Trenton, GA and begot 3 girls.  Thereasa Ellen Myer is the youngest born on her parents anniversary March 31 1961 in Atlanta GA.  Thereasa married Duard Hulgan and begot three girls of her own.  Kellie, the oldest, married Aaron Hosler and begot Ella Marie Hosler in September of 2008.


Althea Amanda Wooden
died 39 years ago at age 67 in Bloomington, IN. Althea is the 4 child born of the 10 that Harvey H. Wooden and Myrtle M. Anderson had.  Althea is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  Her father Harvey is the boys' 2nd great granduncle and the last of 6 children born to Andrew J. Wooden and Amanda Johnson, the boys' 3rd great-grandparents.  The oldest child is Joseph R. Wooden, the boys' 2nd great-grandfather who married Margaret Jennie Stanford and begot Walter William Wooden and Leroy Oliver Wooden.

Lora A. Wooden
died 39 years ago at age 67 in 197.  Lora is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed and was born to the afore mentioned Harvey H. Wooden on Oct 9, 1903 in IL. Lora is the 3rd of Harvey and Myrtle's 10 children.


Baby Doe Stanford
is 163 years old, born in 1847 in Clay county, IL.  Baby Doe died the same day. Baby Doe is the boys' 3rd great-granduncle.  Doe was born to Isaac Austin Stanford and Catherine Kneff, the boys' 4th great-grandparents.  Their second child of the 12 they had is David Stanford who married Nancy Ann Kenley and begot Margaret Jennie Stanford who married Joseph R. Wooden and are the boys' 2nd great-grandparents.


Frank Robert Mayne
died 63 years ago at age 46 in Ocala, Marion county Florida.  Frank is Ella's 2nd great-granduncle.  Frank is the oldest of the 8 children born to William Mitchell Mayne and Ida Jane McMurray.  Frank's sister Donie Mae Mayne is Ella's 2nd great-grandmother and the mother of Ella Ween Brown.  Frank married Roda Carrie Hutchins and begot Vernon W. Mayne and Hugh E. Mayne.


Moses S. Naugher and Haney Fortenberry's
64rd anniversary is today.  They were married in 1946, he was 25 years old. Moses and Haney are Tara's Grandparents.  They begot 3 children, Connie Sue in 1949, Brent Stewart in 1952 and Rhonda Lea Naugher in 1965.  Moses' parents are Horace Savage Naugher and Maxie Ruth Smith.  Haney's parents are L. Fortenberry and Nora Whitten.

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