Saturday, February 06, 2010

Meet the family for February 6th


George Helms
died 61 years ago today in 1949 at age 56 and was born on  Round Mountain in March of 1892.  George is the husband of Ella's 3rd great-grandaunt, Pluma Annie Edge.  Pluma Annie Edge is the youngest child to Ace Gwinn Edge and Regina Ann Elizibeth Sims, Ella's 4th great-grandparents.  Pluma's oldest sibling is Joseph Lewis Edge who married Alice Cora Starling and are Ella's 3rd great-grandparents.  Joseph and Alice are the parents of Cora Augusta Edge who married Dedrich Homer Myer and begot 11 Myer children.


Jacob C. Le Fevre
is 177 years old today, born in 1833  Jacob is Steve's 1st cousin 5 times removed.  The line goes like this.  Jacob's parents are Isaac Le Fevre, Steve's 4th great-granduncle and Mary Cooper, his wife.  Isaac's parents are Abraham Le Fevre and Mary Magdelaine Brock, Steve's 5th great-grandparents.  Isaac's younger sister is Mary Magdelaine Le Fevre who married James Johnson and are Steve's 4th great-grandparents.  Their 5th child is Amanda Johnson who married Andrew J. Wooden, the oldest Wooden I know of, and they begot Joseph R. Wooden and 5 others.  Jeremiah, Elba, Minnie Hodges, Lola, and Harry Wooden.


Noah Samuel Coats
is 118 years old today, born in 1892in Haralson, GA, Noah died March 22, 1972.  Noah is the girls' 2nd cousin 5 times removed.  Noah's mother is the girls' 1st cousin 6 times removed, Mary Jane Farmer.  Mary Jane's parents are Reubin Farmer, the girls' 5th great-granduncle and his wife Mary.  Reubin's parents are the girls' 6th great-grandparents, Johathon Farmer and Tempa both born in South Carolina and both died in Cherokee, AL.  Johathon and Tempa are also the parents of Malinda Farmer the girls' 5th great-grandmother who married Lewis Kelly and together begot Lucy Ann Kelly who married Wilkes C. McMurray and are the girls' 4th great-grandparents.  Wilkes and Lucy begot Ida Jane McMurray and she married William Mitchell Mayne.  Together they begot 8 children, the 3rd one being Donie Mae Mayne the mother of Ella Ween Brown, the girls' Great-grandmother.

Georgia Ann E. Crow
died 111 years ago today in 1899 at age 24.  Georgia is the girls' 3rd great-grandaunt, the sister of  the third born, Ella Mariah Crow.  Georgia was born 2 years before Ella.  Ella is the girls' 3rd great-grandmother.  She married Oscar Routh Brown and begot Oscar Thomas Brown in 1912. Oscar T. Brown married Donie Mae Mayne in 1936 and they produced Ella Ween Brown in 1937, Doyle Brown in 1939 and Jerrel T. Brown in 1941 Ella Ween is the girls' great-grandmother.


Robert Eugene Hulgan
died 7 years ago today at age 67 in Graysville, Rhea, Tennessee.  Robert is Ella's 1/2 Great-granduncle.  Robert was born Aug 17, 1935 in Dekalb, AL.  Robert is the son of Thomas Franklin Hulgan and his second wife Bonnie Dobbs.  Thomas's first wife is Della D. Berryhill, the mother of Cecil Robert Hulgan, Duard's father.


William Wilcher Brown
is 195 years old today, born in 1815.  William was born in 1815 and died in Springfield, IL in 1893.  William is Steve's 4th great-granduncle.  His parents are Joshua Brown and Nancy Wilcher.  William's brother is Resin D. Brown who married Rachel Earnest and begot Charlotte Brown the mother of Lotti B. Ray.

Mary Marie Stowe
is 367 years old today, born in 1643 in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Mary is Steve's 9th great-grandmother and the mother of Samuel Cotton.  Samuel married Experience Hall in 1716 and begot William Cotton in 1720.  William Cotton and Rebeckah Ward are the parents of Thomas Cotton. Thomas and Anna Hubbard are the parents of Ira Cotton.  Ira married one of Talcott Gold's 4 daughters, Sally Gold and begot Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1815. Samuel and Almira Walker begot Hubbard Cotton who married Mary Hazelitt and they begot Samuel Hazelitt Cotton who married Lotti B. Ray and begot Marie Antoinette Cotton the mother of Jerry Joseph Wooden Sr.

Cornelia Joyce
is 254 years old today, born in 1756.  Cornelia is the wife of the boys' 1st cousin 9 times removed, Timothy Hall.  Timothy's father is Samuel Hall, Jr., the boys' 8th great-granduncle and brother of Experience, Phebe, Susannah, Mary and William Hall.  Experience is the boys' 8th great-grandmother who married Samuel Cotton in 1716.

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