Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Meet the family for February 16th


Clarence LeRoy Stanford
died 60 years ago today in 1950 at age 56  Clarence is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed.  First cousins are of course the offspring of a parents sibling. exempli gratia (e.g.) your fathers brother's child is your first cousin no times removed. 3 times removed means that the common ancestor would be your 3rd great-grandparent's children.  Let's trace this one.  Clarence's father is James Isaac Stanford, the boy's 2nd great-granduncle.  James Isaac's father is the boy's 3rd great-grandfather, David Stanford.  But in this case I guess it would be 1/2, 1st cousins because The boys' line goes through Margaret Jennie Stanford, David Stanford's daughter born to Nancy Ann Kenley, David's second wife.  James Isaac Stanford, Margaret's 1/2 brother was born to David Stanford and Amanda Jane Kenley, David's first wife.  That's clear, right?


Dovie Edge
is 122 years old today, born in 1888.  Dovie is the girls' 3rd great-grandaunt, the daughter of Ace Gwinn Edge and Regina Ann Elizibeth Sims.  Dovie's brother is Joseph Lewis Edge, the girls' 3rd great-grandfather.  Joseph married Alice Cora Starling.  They are the parents of Oma Edge, Cora Augusta Edge, Grady Wallace Edge, Mary A. Edge, Joe L. Edge and Dora M. Edge.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer in 1920 and begot 11 children.  Roland, married Ella Ween Brown and begot Darlene, Thereasa and Beverly.  Thereasa begot Kellie and Kellie begot Ella. Beverly begot Cristy and Cristy begot Caitlyn.

Oda Levi Edge
died 75 years ago today in 1935 at age 51.  Oda is the girls' 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Joseph Lewis Edge, the girls' 3rd great-grandfather.  Joseph married Alice Cora Starling and begot Cora Augusta Edge in 1902.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer January 19, 1920 and begot 11 Myer children with Roland Max Myer, the girls' great-grandfather, being the 7th born.


Nettie Adaline Reynolds
died 46 years ago today in 1964 at age 81 in Pinson Alabama.  Nettie is the wife of the girls' 3rd great-granduncle who we talked about yesterday, Lee Vernon McMurrey.  Lee is the brother of Ida Jane McMurrey.  They were born to William M. McMurrey and Lucy Ann Kelley, the girls' 4th great-grandparents.


Philip Conrad
died 129 years ago today in. 1881 at age 54 in Corydon, Harrison, Indiana.. Philip is Steve's 4th great-granduncle on his grandmother Betty's side.  Philip is the brother of Mary Ann Conrad Steve's 4th great-grandmother.  Her husband is Daniel G. Everhart, Steve's 4th great-grandfather.  Their first child of 3 was Thomas Jefferson Everhart born July 18th 1849 in IN.  Thomas married Mary Jane Martin and begot 7 children.  The second child was Elmer Elsworth Everhard (Gramp) born January 1, 1877 in Sedalia, MO.  Gramp married Margret Izora Sims, Gram, in 1902 and begot 10 children.  The second child was Lola Ray Everhart born November 20th 1906 in East Saint Louis, IL.  Lola married Ceasar Alford Steible on January 5th 1928 and in October begot Betty.  Betty married Jerry Joseph Wooden and begot 4 boys, the second of which is Steve who married Mittie and they begot Steve Jr.


Samuel Gold
is 217 years old today, born in 1793.  This Samuel, and there are a few in the line, is the boy's 5th great-granduncle, the only boy born to the boy's 6th great-grandparents, Talcott Gold and Anna Barlow.  Samuel died young in a tragic accident, chopping wood at age 21 on June 18th, 1814.  A passage from the book,  "History of Allegheny County"  On head stone "1814-6-21 age 21 yrs. 4 mos. 5 days" "Died while chopping wood, was killed by a falling tree, 18 Jun 1814, Friendship, Allegany, New York, USA, On head stone - 1814-6-21 age 21 yrs. 4 mos. 5 days".  Samuel's oldest sister, Sally Gold, is the boy's 5th great-grandmother.  Sally and her second husband, Ira Cotton are the parents of Samuel Cheney Cotton, who among other things is listed as a "Republican Sheriff" of Friendship, NY.  Sam Cheney is the father of Hubbard Cotton who married Mary Hazelitt and begot Samuel Hazelitt Cotton, who married Lottie B. Ray and are the parents of the boy's Great-grandmother, Marie Antoinette Cotton, Mamie.  Mamie of course married Dada, Walter William Wooden Sr, who's offspring begot the rest of us.

Joseph Browne and Margery Patching's
426th anniversary is today, married in 1584 in Horley, Surrey, , England when he was 22 and she was 19 years old.  This couple are the boys' 12th great-grandfather and grandmother.  They begot 5 children with Sarah Browne being the 3rd born.  Sarah married Arthur Fenner in Rusper, England January 9, 1614 and they begot Phoebe Fenner in 1633.  Phoebe married William Ward in Middletown, CT March 28, 1660 and they begot Phoebe Ward, the second born of their 9 children.  This Phoebe married Samuel Hall in Middletown December 6, 1683 and they begot Experience Hall, their first born of 6 children.

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