Sunday, January 24, 2010

Meet the family for January 24th


Charles Alfred Savage
died 56 years ago today in 1954  in Lake Butler, Union, Florida. Tara's 2nd Great-granduncle, died on this day in 1954 at the age of 75.  We discussed Charles on his birthday Jan 8th, but I'll rehash.  Born Jan 8th in Ladiga, Calhoun, Alabama to Frances Marion Savage and Frances Matilda Stewart. Charles was the 12th child in that 17 child family.


Lewis Henry Everhart and Pearl May Bell's
96th anniversary is today, married in 1914 when he was 43 and she 32 years old.  Lewis is Steve's 2nd great-granduncle, the oldest brother of Elmer Elsworth Everhart, Steve's 2nd great-grandfather.  They and 5 others were born to Thomas Jefferson Everhart and Mary Jane Martin.


Timothy Hall
is 266 years old today, born in 1744.  Tim is the boys' 1st cousin 9 times removed.  His father is Samuel Hall, Jr. their 8th great-granduncle, brother of Experience Hall their 8th great-grandmother.

Chauncey H. Cotton
is 219 years old today, born in 1791  He lived 78 years and died in 1869 in Friendship, NY.  He settled in Friendship in 1816.  Chauncey is the boys' 5th great-granduncle and the husband of their 5th great-grandaunt Anna Gold.  Chauncey's brother is Ira Cotton, the boys' 5th great-grandfather, and Chauncey's wife Anna Gold is the sister of Sally Gold, the boys' 5th Great-grandmother, and the wife of Ira Cotton, Chauncey's brother.


Todd Sobel's
birthday is today.  Todd is the husband of the girls' 2nd cousin once removed, Jana Jennings.  Jana's mother is Susan Beck their 1st cousin twice removed.  Susan's mother is Lelia Jane Myer the girls' great-grandaunt and sister of their great-grandfather, Dick Myer.

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