Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Meet the family for January 13th


Mitch Brown
died 35 years ago today in 1975 at age 4.  Mitch is the girls' 1st cousin twice removed on Ella Ween's side of the family.  Mitch is the only son of Jerrel T. Brown and Nancy Andrews.  Mitch was born on November 29, 1970 and died at age 4 on January 13, 1975 of leukemia. His father Jerrel is the youngest of three children to Donie Mae Mayne and Oscar T. Brown, Ella's Great, great grandparents.  His older siblings are Ella Ween Brown, Ella's Great-grandmother and Doyle Brown, Ella's Great-granduncle.  Jerrel and Nancy also have 3 girls, Yolanda Brown 1963, Tarrel Brown 1964, Loucretia Brown 1973.  Tarrel has two children, Yokila Devane Sims 1986 and Melea Jenae Peels 1991.  Loucretia has 3 children, Colton Peels 1991, Savannah Peels 1997 and Christian Peels 1993.


Olga B. McCord
died 4 years ago today in 2006 at age 89 in the Cherokee County Nursing Home, Centre, Cherokee, Alabama. Olga is the wife of Tara's 1st cousin twice removed, James Loid Naugher Jr.  James' parents are James Loid Naugher Sr. and Minnie Lee Roberts, Tara's Great-granduncle and his wife.  James Loid Sr. was the oldest of the 7 children that were born to Moses Service Naugher and Sallie E. Savage, Tara's 2nd great-grandparents.  Their 6th child was Horace Savage Naugher (1897-1975), Tara's Great-grandfather.  Horace married Maxie Ruth Smith, Tara's Great-grandmother and they begot Moses S. Naugher, Tara's Grandfather, on Sep 17, 1920, their oldest child of 9 children: number 2 was Sally Mae Naugher (1918-1995), then Richard Hardy Naugher (1922-2008), Howard Milton Naugher (1925-1985), Margaret Frances Naugher (1927- ), Mary Elizabeth Naugher (1929- ), Anna Ruth Naugher (1936- ), Evelyn Coradean Naugher (1936- ) and Sandra Rebecca Naugher ( 1941- )


Robert Frazier Abell, Sr
. is 112 years old today, born in 1898 Born on Jan 13, 1898 in Warren Center, Bradford, PA, he died at the age of 92 in Warwick, Kent, Rhode Island.  He was married to our Stoner, Irene Hannah Stoner on Nov 25 1926 in Warren, Bradford, PA.  Robert is Steve's 4th cousin 3 times removed.  I believe I went over this just the other day, so I'll move on.


Tempa Copeland
died 113 years ago today in 1897 at age 60 in Lebanon, Dekalb, Alabama. Tempa Copeland is Ella's 4th great-grandaunt.  She was 60 years old, having been born 172 years ago on November 16th 1836 in Dog Town, DeKalb, AL.  This is one of those things where Tempa is related coming and going.  Going, she is the mother of John Henry Burt, Ella's 1st cousin 5 times removed, who married Lillie Jane Hulgan, Ella's 2nd great-grandaunt, who was the daughter of John Miller Hulgan and Ruth J. Copeland, Ella's 3rd great-grandparentsRuth J. Copeland is also the daughter of Tillman R. Copeland, Ella's 4th great-grandfather.  But, coming, Tempa Copeland is also the sister of Tillman R. Copeland, Ella's 4th great-grandfather.  Tempa was almost assuredly named for her Grandmother Temperance Copeland (on her mother's side) who married Jesse Baxter.

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