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Meet the family for December 7th

First of all, congratulations to the Brown and Myer families for two very successful reunions over the week end.  What great families!  48 people for the Brown reunion and 54 Myers attended.  Great food and interesting conversation.  It was good to see familiar faces and young faces that have grow.  Hope we keep doing this every year.  The blog has a few new readers.  Welcome and please understand that the relationships I list are for the youngest generation in the Brown/Myer/Hulgan/Hawkins family.  That would be Caitlyn Jennings and Ella Marie Hosler as of this posting.  It would be Tara Naugher in the Naugher family line, even though she isn't the youngest generation.  It would be Steve Wooden Jr., Andrew Bridgforth and Bryan Bridgforth in the Wooden family line.  I will be happy to list others as I learn them and I intend to provide a current "tree" to all that are interested in the very near future.  - jerry


Barbara Wilhoite Brown
is 67 years old today, born in 1942.  Barbara was at the reunion yesterday with just about her whole clan.  It was great to see everyone.  Barbara is the wife of the girls' (Ella and Caitlyn)  great-granduncle, Doyle Brown.  I think Doyle and Barbara were married in 1958.  They begot Pam Brown January 30, 1959, Gina Brown May 16, 1961 and Sammy Brown I'm not sure.  They were all there with a bunch of their kids yesterday. I promise to have everyone listed with their birthday's soon as I can.  Any help with missing birthdays, names, locations, spouses etc would be appreciated. 


Twig Edge
is 128 years old today, born in 1881.  Twig is the girls' 3rd great-granduncle and the brother of Joseph Lewis Edge their 3rd great-grandfather.  Joseph married Alice Cora Starling and begot 6 children with Cora Augusta Edge being the second born.  Cora married Dedrich Homer Myer January 19, 1920 and begot the Myer clan of 11.  Roland Max Myer was born in 1932 and is the girls' great-grandfather.


James Alexander Stewart
is 161 years old today, born in 1848.  James is Tara's 3rd great-granduncle, the brother of Frances Matilda Stewart the first born of John Thomas Stewart and Emily Caroline Bale
Tara's 4th great-grandparents.


Eldred Maurice Sims
is 99 years old today, born in 1910.  Eldred is the husband of Steve's great-grandaunt, Johnnye Douzie Garrison who is the sister of Sarah Eloise Garrison, Steve's great-grandmother.  Sarah married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. in Athens AL June 25, 1932 and begot John Jr. in 1935 who was the 2nd of their 4 children.  John Jr. married Mary Evelyn Pharris and begot Steve's mother Mittie Marie Reeves in 1956.

Randall Bennett Mulligan
is 14 years old today, born in 1995.  Happy birthday Randall!  Randall is Steve's 2nd cousin.  His mother is Lori Leslie Reeves, Steve's 1st cousin once removed.  Lori's father is Donald Boyd Reeves, Steve's granduncle and brother of John Wesley Reeves, Jr., Steve's Grandfather.


Estella Flora Gardner
is 117 years old today, born in 1892.  Estella is the wife of the boys' 3rd cousin 4 times removed, Arnot Mathew Smith.  Arnot's mother is 2nd cousin 5 times removed, Waite L. Cleveland.  Waite's father is 1st cousin 6 times removed, Morgan R. Cleveland.  Morgan's mother is 5th great-grandaunt, Nancy Ann Cotton the sister of 5th great-grandfather, Ira Cotton, born Aug 20, 1788 in Middletown, CT and died Feb 15, 1865 in New York at the age of 76.

Morgan R. Cleveland
died 120 years ago today in 1889 at the age of 54 in Elmira, Chemung, New York.  Morgan is the boys' 1st cousin 6 times removed.  His mother is the aforementioned Nancy Ann Cotton the boys' 5th great-grandaunt and sister of Ira Cotton.  Nancy was the youngest of the 3 girls and 2 boys' born to Thomas Cotton and Anna Hubbard who were married October 31, 1787 in Middletown, CT

Samuel Gold and Esther Bradley's
293rd anniversary is today, married in 1716 in Fairfield, Connecticut when he was 23 and she was 21 years old.  They are the boys' 8th great-grandparents and the parents of Abel Gold who married Ellen Burr and are the parents of Talcott Gold, the boys' 6th great-grandfather.


Thomas Franklin Hulgan
is 133 years old today, born in 1876.  Thomas is Ella's 2nd great-grandfather.  He married Della D. Berryhill and begot Cecil Robert Hulgan in 1905. I believe Thomas was named after his granduncle, Thomas Franklin Hulgan who was born in 1851 in Missouri City, TX and died in 1899 in Dekalb, AL.

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