Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meet the family for December 24th

Slow day today, but stay tuned tomorrow we have a record 14 events on Christmas!


John Henry Chambers and Sarah Matilda West's
138th anniversary is today, married in 1871 when he was 23 and she was 17 years old in Hall county, GA.  John and Sarah are Ella's 3rd great-grandmother and grandfather.  They begot 9 Chambers children with Noah Benjamin Chambers being the 6th, born in Georgia December 18th, 1879.  He married Dellia Keever in 1908 and begot Nellie Chambers in 1909.  Nellie, Ella's great grandmother married Cecil Robert Hulgan and begot 8 Hulgan children, with Duard Robert Hulgan being the last in 1953.  Duard loves Thereasa Ellen Myer so much he married her twice and they begot three girls.  Kellie Marie Hulgan is Ella's mother, Heather Leigh Hulgan married Jeremy Knowles and they are expecting Mason Knowles early next year and then there is Haley Dabeth Hulgan born in 1997.  Her middle name is a combination of her mother's and her mother's sister's names.  Da (Darlene) be (Beverly) and th (Thereasa).  Cool isn't it?


Mary F. Tillinghast
died 117 years ago today in 1892 at age 66 in Millerton, Tioga, Pennsylvania. Mary is the wife of the boys' 1st cousin 6 times removed John Fletcher Cleveland.  They begot 7 children.  John's mother is Nancy Ann Cotton the boys' 5th great-grandaunt and sister of Ira Cotton, the boys' 5th great-grandfather.  Nancy is the youngest of 5 children born to Thomas Cotton and Anna Hubbard who were married October 31, 1787 in Middletown, CT.  They are Ira, Chauncey H., Polly, Maria, and Nancy Ann Cotton.

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