Monday, June 15, 2009

Meet the family for June 15th

Wow, 10 people today, I really wish I knew what makes one day bigger than the next.


Darvin Goetter
is 82 years old today, born in 1927. Darvin is the brother of Steve's great-granduncle's wife. This is a line of cousins I recently found. Darvin is just off the beaten path a little. His sister, Mildred L. Goetter is the wife of Steve's great-granduncle John W. Steible who happens to have his birth day on this day too.

John W. Steible
is 84 years old today, born in 1925. John is Steve's Great-granduncle and the husband of Mildred L. Goetter. John is Steve's Great-grandfather, Ceasar Alford Steible's younger brother. Born in 1925, John died in 1999. I'm in contact with his family but haven't heard anything in a while.

Jane Dolores Healy
is 93 years old today, born in 1916. Off the path again, Jane is Steve's first cousin twice removed, Joseph Roy Beattie, wife's mother. This is again part of that cousin line I recently uncovered. You see, Jane married Herbert Raymond Matson some time in the 1930's. They begot Linda Clare Matson in 1938 who is the woman I've been in contact with. Linda is the second wife of Joseph Roy Beattie. They had one child Margaret Jane Beattie, born in 1974 who is Steve's 2nd cousin once removed. But Joseph Roy Beattie's mother is Wilhelmia Catherine (Minnie) Steible, Steve's great-grandaunt and the sister of Ceasar Alford Steible, Steve's great-grandfather.


Elizabeth Satterfield
is 197 years old today, born in 1812. This is another case of just off the beaten path. Elizabeth is Ella's 2nd great-grandaunt, Lillie Jane Hulgan's Husband's grandmother. Elizabeth was married to Elijah Burt and begot Elisha Toby Burt in 1843 who married Tempa Copeland in 1865 and begot John Henry Burt in 1868. John Henry, Ella's 1st cousin 5 times removed, married Lillie Jane Hulgan, Ella's 2nd great-grandaunt, whose brother Thomas Franklin Hulgan and his wife Della D. Berryhill are Ella's 2nd great-grandparents.

John Henry Burt Lillie Jane Hulgan

You guys don't know where that quilt is do you?


Thomas Truly Brown
died 112 years ago today in 1897 at age 81 in Mentone, Alabama. Thomas is the girls' 4th great-grandfather. He married Louise J. C. Rogers and begot 11 children. The 7th one was Oscar Routh Brown, born in 1862, probably in Mentone. Oscar Routh married the first Ella, Ella Mariah Crow, born in 1876. They had 5 children, the last one was Oscar Thomas Brown, born in 1912 in Mentone Alabama. Oscar T. married Donie Mae Mayne in 1936 and they begot 3 children, the oldest was Ella Ween Brown. Ella Ween married Roland Max Myer and begot 3 girls. Beverly Joan Myer the middle child married Jimmy Dale Hawkins and begot 2 children. Cristy Dale Hawkins, the first born, married Kevin Jennings and they just recently begot Caitlyn Belle Jennings on June 10, 2009. Beverly's sister, Thereasa Ellen Myer, the youngest of the Myer girls, married Duard Robert Hulgan and begot 3 girls. The first one, Kellie Marie Hulgan married Aaron Hosler and they begot Ella Marie Hosler last year.


Thomas Edward Grantland
died 110 year ago today in 1899 at age 79 in Madison county, Alabama. Thomas is Steve's 4th great-grandfather. Thomas married Emaline Breeding and begot Martha Demaris Grantland in 1849. Martha married John Thomas Garrison in 1870 and begot 6 children, the 3rd one being Samuel Omar Garrison, Steve's 2nd great-grandfather who married Lula May McCutcheon in 1905 and begot 3 children, the middle child being Sarah Eloise Garrison, Steve's Great-grandmother who married John Wesley Reeves, Sr. in 1932. They begot John Wesley Reeves, Jr and 3 others. Jr. married Mary Evelyn Pharris and begot 5 Reeve children, the first being Mittie Marie Reeves, born in 1956. Mittie married well. In 1976 she married Steven Ray Wooden, Sr. and they begot the one, the only, Steven Ray Wooden, Jr. in 1983. A mold broken and never to be duplicated.


Sallie E. Savage
died 108 year ago today in 1901 at age 39. Sallie is Calum's 2nd great-grandmother. She is the first wife of Moses Service Naugher. Together they bore 7 children and Moses and his second wife, Marriell Burrows had 6 more. There just has to be a bunch of Naughers in Alabama. Moses and Sallie's 6th child was Horace Savage Naugher, Calum's great-grandfather. Horace married Maxie Ruth Smith and begot 9 more children, with Moses S. Naugher being the 2nd one. This Moses, better known as M.S. Naugher (I think) married Haney Fortenberry and begot 3 children, with Brent Stewart Naugher, Calum's father being the middle child.


Evelyn M. Stanford
is 87 years old today, born in 1922. Evelyn is the boys' 2nd cousin twice removed, born in Perrysburg, Ohio to William David Stanford and Clara McKown. William is the boys' 1st cousin 3 times removed. His father is William Henry Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-granduncle and the brother of Margaret Jennie Stanford, the boys' 2nd great-grandmother, who married Joseph R. Wooden in 1884 in Illinois and begot Walter William Wooden in 1887.

John Hall
is 425 years old today, born in 1584. John is the boys' 11th great-grandfather. John married Esther Ann Willicke and begot Richard Hall in 1620. John and Esther were born in England, but both died in Connecticut. Richard Hall married Mary Anthony in Middletown, Connecticut in 1645 and begot 5 children, the last one was Samuel Hall the boys' 9th great-grandfather who married Phoebe Ward and begot 6 children, the first being Experience Hall in 1684. Experience was the 2nd wife to Samuel Cotton and they begot William Cotton, the boys' 7th great-grandfather. William married Rebeckah Ward in 1742 and begot Thomas Cotton, their last of 6 children, in 1764. Thomas married Anna Hubbard in 1787 and birthed the first US natural born citizen in the Cotton line, Ira Cotton in 1788. Ira married Sally Gold the daughter of Talcott Gold and begot Samuel Cheney Cotton in 1815.

Sarah Burr
died 312 years ago today in 1697 at age 21 in Fairfield CT, where she was born. Sarah is the boys' 1st cousin 10 times removed, her father is John Burr, Sr, the boys' 9th great-granduncle. John's brother is Daniel Burr, the boys' 9th great-grandfather. Daniel married Abigail Glover and begot the Capt, Seth Samuel Burr in 1694. Seth married Elizabeth Wakeman in 1722 and begot Ellen Burr in 1736. Ellen is the boys' 7th great-grandmother who married Abel Gold in 1754 and are the parents of Talcott Gold.