Saturday, June 13, 2009

Meet the Family for June 13th


Taletha Jane Whitlock died 98 years ago today at age 74 in Lookout Mountain, Dekalb, Alabama. She was born February 12, 1837 in St. Clair county, Alabama. Taletha is Ella's 4th great-grandmother. She married Tillman R. Copeland December 12, 1853 in Alabama and begot Ruth J. Copeland, their first of 4 children, in 1857. Ruth married John Miller Hulgan (see Pic), November 15, 1871 in Dekalb, AL and begot Thomas Franklin Hulgan ( 2nd of 6) in 1876. Thomas is Ella's 2nd Great-grandfather. Thomas married Della D. Berryhill and begot Cecil Robert Hulgan in 1905 (2nd of 6 with Della). Cecil of course married Nellie Chambers and begot Duard Robert Hulgan in 1953 ( 9th of 9).